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Recipe for Frumpy Blogger

I’m in a slump and feel as though I’ve lost my mojo.  Part of it might be the 34- weeks of pregnancy.  Or maybe it’s the stress of doing my real-life job, looking for jobs, and trying to figure out what to do next with my life.   Blend all of that with trying to re-do a nursery into a little man room, and turning a guest room into a nursery.  Simultaneously mix in the planning of 2 little man 2-year-old birthday parties.  Top it off with the motherly desire to spend every waking with my little man as he reaches age 2 this week meanwhile mentor him into a “big brother” over the next few weeks!

I feel like I’m stuck in a warp zone and time is flashing before my eyes.

Oh, and while I’m negative-nelly let’s through in a few visits to the ER in the past couple weeks followed by a flurry of follow-up doctor visits.

Please forgive me for my lack of posts, and poor blogging attitude…I just feel frumpy and the only thing that seems to make me smile at 8 PM every night (which is when i do most blogging) is a warm shower and huge bowl of ice cream (in that order)! Anyone have any other suggestions?  What do you do to get out of a frumpy slump?

I’m feeling optimistic about next week.  I promise to bring back the peppy sunshine queen and her creative inspiration with a “bunch” of  DIY projects.  Hopefully the storm will  pass and my head is beaming with rays of sunshine.


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Homemade Christmas Series

Stay tuned…Fostering a Creative Life will be hosting a homemade Christmas Series from November 26- December 23.

The Countdown to Christmas series will feature tons of gift ideas, decor, creative package displays, table pieces and more….all homemade and thrifty!

Hope you’ll stop back soon 🙂

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“Back” to School Vintage Decor {Back to School Blog Bash Day 1}

To kick things off for the Back to school Blog Bash, I thought showcase a little vintage school inspiration.

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I’d I’ve been on a vintage kick lately and thought that a little “Back” to school Vignette would get me in the groove as we prepare over the next 2 weeks (in Wisconsin school starts Sept. 1).  Here is a collection of “stuff” that I have displayed to get me into the idea of school starting.  I tried to reflect on when I liked going to school most…what elementary kid doesn’t like going to school?!

I started with a old kids chair painted cherry red and 2 soda crates, filled in with some old books…

I compiled all the random school supplies that I had around the house (Pencils, chalk, glue, used crayons, paint brushes)

Luckily I’ve been on a DIY chalkboard binge, which seemed appropriate for when I was in elementary school. (We don’t need to discuss how vintage that was!)

I found a collection of blocks and was able to pull off “Learn” (almost, a sideways “Z” works as an “N,” don’t you think?) then filled in areas that needed a little more something.  I also placed the random school supplies in various glass or metal jars to help create the vintage mood.  All atop a remnant of burlap, because why not?!

When I though everything was done I realized I needed just a little something more.  Can you figure out what it is by looking at this picture?

Any guesses?!

This is the first day of the Back to School Blog Bash.  Make sure to come back each day and follow many guest bloggers through 2 weeks of tips, tricks and creative ideas to make this back to school transition a little less painful on us!
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Have your own project to showcase- make sure to link it us to the “Back to School Blog Bash” Linky Party and check out even more amazing ideas!

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feeling frazzled {Back to School}

This happens every year, we turn the calendar to August and immediate “OMG summer is almost over” panic sets in.  My husband is a teacher, while summers tend to be my busiest time of the year at work, so we are constantly pulled at the seams to get some time for a vacation.  Then we hit August and the summer to-do list seems like it’s been kicked into high gear to make sure we get everything done.  Plus add all the kiddos into the mix and you have one frazzled family calendar.  Sound familiar?

I have learned so many great tips, tricks, and amazing ideas from other bloggers, and I think any blogger will testify that our readers are some of the most supportive and wonderful people out there.  So I’m announcing a twist on your traditional linky party.  Starting August 15th (yes that’s next monday) Fostering a Creative Life will start featuring tips, tricks, ideas, and activites to help make the transition to Back to school a little more fun and little less stressed.

Monday, August 15th I will kick off the week with the Back to School Blog Bash.

This will be a linky party open to EVERYONE to link up their best tips, tricks, ideas, you name it.  Anything that will help your family get in the groove for Back to School.  I have a few inspirational-bloggers who will features some of their ideas and I have a few slots to fill (if you are interested in a guest post email me littled.tales@gmail.com).

Feeling to exhausted to come up with something fabulous to share- then don’t….but do come and check out all the great ideas to help you get through the final days of summer vacation 🙂

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Halfway there {inspiration check}

As I flipped the calendar to August this week, I slowly saw summer slipping away.  Then I realized that we are over halfway through 2011, which got me thinking- there is so much on my list of things to do!

In general there is life, but there is also the creative side of things.  Much is new for me in 2011- the start of Little-d-Tales Photography, kicking off a new creative blog {fostering a creative life}, and how could I forget pintrest!  Pintrest adds to my list of creative things to try.  So I thought I’d post a top 10 things I want to try- pulling from my pintrest inspiration!

1. Roman Shades from My Balancing Act to replace the nasty old-fashioned plastic blinds in our Master Bedroom

2.Cardboard covered boxes from either Make it and Love it OR from bontemptsbeignet to hide the stuff!

3. Stencil Painted curtains from drop cloths to add some privacy to our Gigantor dining room windows as featured on Bargain Hoot (That little wooden tray would be fab to have to 🙂

4. Make your own flower accessories as learned from Inspired by Giving

5. Jute wrapped glassware from Frugal with a Flourish, luckily I had this project in mind and have been picking up colored vases and glassware at garage sales.

6. The recycled t-shirt pom-poms featured on craftaholics anonymous just seems plain fun.  I have no idea what I’ll do with them just yet, but I just want to try.  Again nothing like a few coordinated colored t-shirts from rummage sales for this project!

7. Burlap Christmas Stockings from make-it and Love-it would be perfect way to get rid of the cheesy mismatched ones we currently hang.  Now that I have a mantle and fireplace in the basement, I could have a real decorating dream come Christmas.  The man cave might be transformed for a good 20 days over the wintery season!

8.  And while I’m in the holiday mode, I have started stock piling sweaters to make sweater covered candles inspired by Just a Girl.

9. The Gallery Wall- which there are tons of great examples.  I’m personally in love with a blend from House of Smiths and Pottery Barns inspiration (I’m posting the picture here so I can pin it 🙂

10. Homemade Twix bars by Hoosier homemade might need to be the main course for my October crafty weekend! Hmm.

Want to see more of what I’m talking about…here’s your chance to follow along!
Follow Me on Pinterest

Need to get an invite to become a pinterest addict user, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up 🙂

What am I missing?  What are your creative inspirations that you hope to complete before the end of the year?


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