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Love of Jute Part 2 {Jute wrapped bowl}

The day I created my Ballard Knock off-Jute-glassware, I was on a roll and couldn’t resist the urge to Jute something else.  Just so happens a plain glass bowl was within reach after my recent goodwill trip.  Add a tube of E-6000 and some Jute string and we have the makings of Love of Jute project number 2, just seconds later!

As you can see it is simply a simple glass bowl.  I started by smothering som E-6000 around the bottom of the bowl leaving an uncovered space so the bowl would set evenly on the table.  Then I simply began wrapping the jute string around and around keeping it as close as possible to the previous row.  The key is to keep some tension, but not too much.  As I wrapped the string, I came behind with my other hand and smoothed over th already layered string to avoid weird bumps and ensure that the string had enough adhesive.

Keep repeating the steps above until the bowl is completely covered.  I used one long continuous string, and just tucked the end under a previous row so it didn’t fray or stick out.  When I completed the bowl I rubbed my hands over the entire bowl to smooth out any rough spots and to help ensure that the adhesive was working.  It’s importantly to let the adhesive dry for a full 24 hours to ensure the best results. I kept the bowl upside down while drying.

(Night shot when I do all my crafting)

(Day shot when te lightning is better)

Then add some fun newsprint fruit from Michael’s (In the clearance section at 90% off, can you believe I got these fruit for 9 cents each)?  And complete your table setting with an Ikea carousel, Salt & Pepper shakers, softened spreadable butter dish, some common family spices in fun mason jar shakers (we keep Lawry’s Seasoned Salt & Cinnamon & Sugar in our family favorites) some fun colorful napkins to accent the other colors in your dining room, and a fun doily to match the shape of your table to bring everything together.

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For the Love of Jute {DIY Ballard Design}

My lust for these demijohns jars from Ballard has been nagging at me.  As soon as I saw the green glass I knew I needed something like this. (Note: This set has been discontinued, but my lust still lingers)

I scoured thrift stores and rummage sales and finally found a pair of green canning jars at a rummage sale for 50 cents each.  I snagged them and began my quest for my own fish net style creation. I had seen bloggers create these before, but after several attempts at their tutorials I needed to modify a few things.  Luckily I had some Jute string on hand (but I have seen rolls at Michael’s for about $3-$4. a roll).  To start I created a single ring of Jute around the neck of the bottle.  Then I cut 5 strings, 3 times the length of the bottle.  I chose 5 strings because I have a pretty narrow bottle, I think you may want to add more if you have a wider bottle.   Then I folded each of the 5 strings in half, pushing the halfway loop under the ring at the neck of the bottle, and pulled the ends through to create a tight, even 10 strands of string. I spaced each of my strings out about an inch apart around the neck of the bottle.

Then I took the right-sided string from one pair, and the left-sided string from the next pair and tied a square knot about a 3/4 inch from the neck of the bottle.  For those who have a hard time remembering how to make a square knot, my rule of thumb for a square knot is “left over right, right over left.”

Continue to do this around the bottle continuously.  As you get to the 3rd round of knots I tied the knots about an 1 or 1 1/2 inches from the knot above, it helps keep in smooth on the bottle.

One trick that I found is if you work with the bottle between your knees and pull the strings down towards the bottle of the jar, your knots stay tight to the jar and you don’t get any goofy gaps or kinks in your knots.

Here’s is how I differ from most other tutorials.  Once I got the bottom the string kept pulling all the knots ups, so I needed to find a way to secure them all at the bottom while keeping the rest tight.  My solution was to make a round of square knots all the way to the bottom of the bottle, maybe even over the bottom edge a little.  Then pulling the strings tight I tied the strings across from each other.  I found that if I did it correctly, you get a really neat star shape design on the bottom of the bottle.  The trick is to make sure that your square knots stay flat enough to allow the glass to still stand.

Here they are, I’m in my glory and completely satisfied with the $1 investment and 45 minutes of my time for these adorable duos 🙂

My love for Jute didn’t stop there… stay tuned to see my next creation!

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