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The “handy” Husband

Once upon a time there was a creative crafty kind of girl who had big ideas.  She married a very handy man who helped her ideas come to life.  Together they’d find a way to make projects work regardless how impossible they might seem.  They’d also raise 2 children (for now) and a dog, and genuinely enjoy life together.

While our life is not exactly a fairy tale every day, I’m pretty fortunate to have an amazing husband who does all the handyman work around the house.   With Father’s day coming next week I thought I’d dedicate some posts to showcase his work and highlight how fortunate we are to have such handy man in the house.

Believe it or not, you’ve seen him around, but often only from the elbow to the fingers, and sometimes the top of his head.  Such as when he poses for me to get a picture of him cutting MDF for the chalkboards

or placing Disc hangers on plates to hang on the wall for the nursery

You’ve also likely seen the top of his (shiny 🙂 ) head while I was catching some action shots to redo our son’s dresser

or his back as he installed barn board on our son’s wall.

These are just a few on the ways you’ve seen him helping me out.  Turns out he’s an amazing wood worker and DIY kind of guy too.  Stay tuned tomorrow to see how he completely transformed our basement, and throughout the week to see his amazing skills.

While I love the fact that my husband is a handy DIY kind of guy, it’d be shallow of me not to mention one my favorite things about my husband….the time he spends with our children!  He’s certainly an amazing dad and wonderful husband, and “handy” to have around (Ha, lame right?!)



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Wordy {Wall Art}

To fill a few empty spaces on the man-cave gallery wall, I hung some blank canvases in hopes to figure out something fun to fill them.

(September 2011)

I have a slightly love affair with Modge Podge and this past fall bought a HUGE box of old books from an Estate sale for $1.  Thus my imagination went to work.

I decided to rip up a few book pages, and Modge Podge to the blank canvases…I did this to 3 equal-sized canvas’

Then using some Black Vinyl, I cut out some words and numbers on my Silhouette.

To make the wall art stand out a little more, I took a foam brush and some black acrylic paint and dry brushed the edges of the canvas.

Slowly but surely this gallery wall is coming together to reflect the memories and images of the more adventurous side of our life 🙂

(February 2012)

Sure I may have started this project in October of last year, but a few blank spaces never hurt no one.  The men in the man-cave aren’t overly upset by the lack of completion either.
Any other suggestions or ideas for a few more of the remaining blank spaces?!

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