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Hope Chest

I think was one of my first furniture requests to my husband after we were married.  We have a TON of blankets and quilts for the various different sized beds in our home, without a good place to store them that don’t take up precious closet space.

We had some spare space at the end of our bed to house this beauty.

To my surprise she is lined with cedar to make everything smell fresh, which brings back so many memories of my grandparents and their cedar closet.

(Please stop judging our master bedroom.  It’s slated for a makeover, just trying to finish one of the other 3 rooms in limbo right now).

The husband truly has an eye for putting my vision into a reality.  Thanks to my “handy” husband for yet another project.  Stay tuned tomorrow you’ll see one of my FAVORITE pieces yet!


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Secure and recharge

Our beloved first child (our dog) happens to LOVE bread.  When we leave, he finds a way to get all the bread an eat it.

(How can you get mad at this face)?!?! He’s a pure bred Weimaraner if you’re curious, whose can rest his head on a “normal” sized dining room table.

My husband came up with a solution, that not only secures the bread from the dog…it also helps to store the toaster and also serves as a recharge station for all of our cell phones, iPods, iPads, etc. every night.  This is one of my husband’s favorite projects. You may have already seen this here.

To appreciate this here’s what our little kitchen corner looked like before.  A useless spice rack (since I store all of my spices in the cupboard), weird empty space, and a smorgasboard of cords.  One of my BIGGEST pet peaves is having cords showing! Have I also mentioned that I like the spaces in my home to be not only pretty but functional whenever possible.

Here’s the inside- deep enough for house the toaster freeing up some space on one of my two pantry shelves.  It’s also wide enough for several different bread products.

You can kind of see how he made it above.  The door is made by “a bunch” (real technical, I know?!?) of thin wood slats glued to a piece of canvas.  There is a curved groove on the sides that the door travels up and down in.  There is a small open space in the back to allow the board from the toaster to pass through.

The top shelf has little slits in the back to fit our cell phone and iPod charging cords, with felt glued to the back to hold them in place.  I love that our phone and iPod have a place to rest peacefully each night to recharge without 17 cords spread out throughout the house!

This is just one more example of how I can tell the handy husband an idea of something I want, and he brings that idea to life!

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“pretty” storage

Several weeks ago I was featuring some organization tips, tricks, and ideas.  This was the planned Friday post.  But then Thursday happened, where an emergency room visit transpired follow by a  flurry of doctor visits.  That was by a family getaway, a 4-day work conference, some job interviews, planning a few birthday parties, and a major life decision, which has sent my blogging routine into a spiraling mess.  Luckily, I see the light and have been capturing pictures of creative events as they are unfolding.  So, perhaps a few weeks late, but here’s a start to some organization (combined with a fun thrifty, pretty, tutorial) for what was the guest room (also known as the “red room”), which is currently being transformed into the new nursery.

One of the things I loved about our house was all the character and unique built-in storage.  Here’s what I presume was an old built-in dresser.  You can see I have taken advantage of the storage space, but not in an effective manner.

One of the design elements that I took into consideration when working on this room, was the neat hardware….

Which was the inspiration for the design concepts.  Initially I was going to have the husband build some big funky drawers that I was going to cover with fabric, but then I noticed that Laundry basket sitting there all white and lonely and thought I could easily transform her into something.  The result…

A pretty laundry basket that doubles as a hidden storage area.  Best yet, the total budget for this project was a about $6 (fabric remnant, Modge Podge, laundry basket and about 2 hours + dry time).

The Process
Gather Materials- laundry basket, a few foam brushes, Modge Podge, scissors, tape, and fabric.

I taped one end of the fabric just inside the lip of the laundry basket.  Then I let the fabric hang and determined the size/amount of fabric I needed from that and simply cut the fabric with about 1-2″ on either edge of the front face of the basket.

Using a foam brush,  I “painted” the modge podge onto the naked basket, then over the fabric.  I found that Modge Podge was a little too thick, so I added some water to make it more glue like.  I started at the bottom of the basket and worked my way up.  I painted a thin amount directly onto the basket, smoothed the fabric down, and then painted over the fabric.  To keep the ends from curling or bubbling up I simply used scotch tape and secured to a dry area on the basket.

I cut a slit in the fabric where the front handle was located.  I then made wedge cuts from the middle slit towards the handle.  I then  Modge Podged these fabric wedges.  Similar to before I painted a layer of Modge Podge inside the basket, folded the fabric wedges over, and painted another layer of Modge Podge over the fabric.  The key is to contour the lines of the basket as much as possible.

Let dry for a about 4-6 hours (or if your like me you forget about it in another area of the house for a few weeks) and then appreciate your new budget-friendly, “pretty” storage!


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Simple Storage Solution {Small Space Organization}

We have the challenge of not having a good spot to put “stuff” when you enter our house. You enter in the kitchen and all shoes and “stuff” ends up right there. The basement is immediately to the left upon entering the house. The past few years we have experimented with using the landing on your way to the basement as the collector of stuff. We did have a 3-tiered shelf at the landing to hold shoes and pet supplies. However in our recent Basement reveal I mentioned that in order to make the entry to the basement more appealing and provide more space (basement is now our family room/man cave/playroom) we removed the shelving and painted the stairway walls.

Here is the middle of the road before (after shelves removed and paint applied)- a mumbled pile of “stuff”

Here is the after… there’s at least a hint of organization

I spotted a storage solution in Country Living Magazine which I was able to find here. The solution concrete forming tubes. Since we were planning to use ours mostly for storing shoes we measured a few pairs of shoes to see what depth we needed, 12 inches was our magical number which worked well since the tube came in 4 foot sizes. These tubes are available at most hardware stores for $5-$8 each. My husband had the smaller tube from a roll of plastic at his shop.

Then we painted them with black acrylic paint and a rag. I felt that all black would be too dark for the small space so we just covered the outside of the larger tubes, and the inside of the smaller tubes leaving the natural look of the cardboard on some! You could also modge podge some fabric if you prefer the prettier side of things!

Before painting them we held the tubes up to the wall to determine our lay-out. This is a two person job as I held up the tubes and my husband traced the inside of the tube onto the wall with a pencil. He then placed the tube onto a piece of paper and traced the top 4-6″ of the tube. This would act as a pattern in cutting the wooden blocks used to attach the tubes securely to the wall.

As you can see he used 2 screws to attach the wooden block to the top of each circle pattern, and then 2 screws from the outside of the tubing into the wooden blocks.

Keep doing it until you have the desired pattern and amount of storage that you need. Here’s what you see coming up the stairs. (Please ignore the nasty adhesive remaining on the ledge from the shelving unit…it has since been removed, but I neglected to take a picture AFTER that!)

and again from the front 🙂

Total cost of this project $7.48 (I already had the scrap wood for blocks, screws, small tube, and black paint)
Total time to complete project from beginning to end: 1.5 hours

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Pretty Pedestals

This next project is so versatile it can be used a zillion different ways over the holidays (and throughout the year).  DIY glassware pedestals are as easy as gluing 2 pieces together and calling it done!  I’m showcasing some DIY apothecary jars, however I’ve also made tiered food stands and storage bins too by using plates and candle holders.  Who doesn’t need more space on their holiday table?!?

To get started you’ll need a stand, some super tough adhesive (E-6000), and something to put on the stand.
Typically I scour thrift stores and garage sales for candle stands, glass vases, and dishes…but maybe you are a little more creative.

Add a thin layer of super-strong adhesive (i.e. E-6000) and add the top vase/plate/etc.  Then let set for 24 hours to ensure a good grip 🙂
Your results…

pedestal vases of various heights:

Raised candy dish:

Cake stand (on the left- with upside down crystal vase and plate)

Storage solution for craft supplies:

The possibilities are endless.  Enjoy the putting the finishing touches on your holiday decor as we wind down to the last week until Christmas.


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