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Love of Jute Part 2 {Jute wrapped bowl}

The day I created my Ballard Knock off-Jute-glassware, I was on a roll and couldn’t resist the urge to Jute something else.  Just so happens a plain glass bowl was within reach after my recent goodwill trip.  Add a tube of E-6000 and some Jute string and we have the makings of Love of Jute project number 2, just seconds later!

As you can see it is simply a simple glass bowl.  I started by smothering som E-6000 around the bottom of the bowl leaving an uncovered space so the bowl would set evenly on the table.  Then I simply began wrapping the jute string around and around keeping it as close as possible to the previous row.  The key is to keep some tension, but not too much.  As I wrapped the string, I came behind with my other hand and smoothed over th already layered string to avoid weird bumps and ensure that the string had enough adhesive.

Keep repeating the steps above until the bowl is completely covered.  I used one long continuous string, and just tucked the end under a previous row so it didn’t fray or stick out.  When I completed the bowl I rubbed my hands over the entire bowl to smooth out any rough spots and to help ensure that the adhesive was working.  It’s importantly to let the adhesive dry for a full 24 hours to ensure the best results. I kept the bowl upside down while drying.

(Night shot when I do all my crafting)

(Day shot when te lightning is better)

Then add some fun newsprint fruit from Michael’s (In the clearance section at 90% off, can you believe I got these fruit for 9 cents each)?  And complete your table setting with an Ikea carousel, Salt & Pepper shakers, softened spreadable butter dish, some common family spices in fun mason jar shakers (we keep Lawry’s Seasoned Salt & Cinnamon & Sugar in our family favorites) some fun colorful napkins to accent the other colors in your dining room, and a fun doily to match the shape of your table to bring everything together.

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DIY lanyards from Pocket Full of Poise {Back to School Blog Bash day 2}

Welcome Back to Day 2 of the Back to School Blog Bash.  This series of creative ideas, tips and tricks to make the back to school transition a little easier on everyone!  Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration to make getting back to school a little more fun!
Our guest blogger today is Kristy from Pocketful of Poise.  When I saw her DIY lanyard project for her Kindergarden team of teachers my heart pitter-pattered just a bit.  As a former teacher, I know how these little things can make life as a teacher so much easier- having your ID badge and keys available at all times is almost a must for a teacher on the go…. to have something super cute is just extra credit in my eyes. 
For a new blogger she has so many cute ideas and inspiration project you’ll want to try.  I have her bookmarked to add a bunch of pins to my pinterest page too.  Make sure to spread the blog love and visit her blog 🙂
First, I want to say thank you to Heidi for inviting me to guest post for the Back to School Bash!  I am still very new to the blogger world and still get giddy about things like guest posts… so thank you Heidi. 
I guess I should also introduce myself… I am Kristy from Pocketful of Poise.  I love all things crafty. Like I said, I am very new to this world, but I am loving it already.  I hope you pop off to my blog and get inspired to make some of the fun and inexpensive projects I have posted.
Something else that you might not know is that I am a kindergarten teacher.  This is my fourth year and quite frankly it is something that truly makes my heart sing. I am kicking off the school year with some pretty cute lanyards.  Yes, you guessed it… I am making them for my kindergarten team. Maybe it’s part of being kindergarten teachers, but we seem to get so excited over the smallest things. So, if a cute ribbon lanyard with our school’s little cub paw print gets them excited then I have to make them!
Here’s what you need:
  • ribbon
  • lighter
  • key ring
  • felt flowers
Start with a spool of ribbon. I used a whole spool of ribbon to make six lanyards.  I cut each ribbon at 30 inches.
 Burn the edges so they will not frey.

Place the ribbon around your neck and overlap the ends. Holding the two ends in place, fold the edges back and pin in place.

You can hand stitch or run it through your sewing machine; don’t forget to back stitch reinforcing the ribbon.

You now have a loop to run the key ring through. 
Decorate with felt flowers, buttons or just leave it as is.  Add your teacher I.D. and maybe you’ll actually remember to wear it now that it’s on that cute lanyard!
I hope all my teacher friends have an awesome first day!
~Happy Teaching~
Thank you Kristy! To share your creative idea, tip or trick to make the back to school transition easier, please check out the Back to School Blog Bash Linky Party.  Make sure to add your link and vote for others ideas that you like! 

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