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May Review

Since there is 17 minutes left to May 2012 (it will actually be June by the time I post this) I thought I’d blog-lift an idea from Maryann @ Domestically Speaking who did a month in review.  While I didn’t feel overly productive this month, I realized that there were several tutorials and a few fun project this month.  By the way, if you don’t follow or haven’t checked out Maryann’s work…you are going to want to hop over there.  She’s my burlap inspiration, and I’ve peppered my pinterest with many of her projects 🙂  I digress.  So, May 2012 looked a bit like this at Fostering a Creative Life…

We kicked off the month with a tulle flower tutorial

which might be the easiest accessory I’ve ever made.  You might see some versions of this in future posts, just sayin’ is all!
Then there was the tissue paper wall art which utilized a long lost technique that I have since remembered.

Grateful to finally have something on the walls in my bathroom!
It helps if you hang them straight…thanks to 3M for this handy trick to take care of this problem every time the closet door opens.

Getting back to some fun infant girl accessories.  One of my more popular posts was when  I repurposed a white t-shirt to make this headband with a little help from Ashley @ Make it & Love it (The goddess of all things sewing and fabric. I loathe and envy sewing, yet she makes it look so dang easy- no pun intended).

and finally a few tips on how to clean and preserve your wedding gown.  We pay enough for the wedding, no need to spend a fortune on cleaning your gown.

You will learn the motivation behind why I cleaned my gown on Sunday as I unveil one of my scariest projects yet. You can also expect a tutorial for this summer essential

Hope to see you around.


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How to hang straight pictures

Now, I know this might seem like a silly post, but I have found a simple way to fix those crooked pictures!  You see I have a gallery wall in the basement. That same wall is also is home to 2 doors into storage areas that are used daily.  Every time the doors open and close another picture tilts, and it drives me bonkers.  Similar scenario in the bathroom, so I found a quick and easy way to cheat.  It’s kind of my little secret and have since done away with hammer and nails completely to hang small items on the wall.  Want to know if it really works?  Here’s a sample of a recent wall hanging frustration made better.

The trick is these handy dandy 3M strips

Simply put them on the back of the picture.  The remove easily without wrecking the wall or your picture.  No measuring, no crazy nail holes all over your walls.  Simply attach them in a hidden place on the back of whatever you want to hang.

Take off the paper backing and place it on the wall. If you make a mistake you can always remove without leaving a mark! It’s pretty nifty.  Not to mention my husband loves that I’m not leaving nail holes all over the house every time I change my mind.  Less to patch up later 🙂  I believe each tab can hold up to 15 lbs.  I’ve used them to hang garland (with the clips) around windows and some metal art on the gallery wall with success.

Hope you find this little tip handy.  Best of all, the 3M strips are pretty cheap.  Michael’s sells them for less than $10 for a pack of 48.  Add a 40% off coupon in there and you should be set for a while.  Let me know if you try.  I’d also like to hear what other tricks you might use to hang pictures or use these little adhesive strips for. Do Share!

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Tissue Paper Wall Art

I had seen this technique years ago when a friend printed pictures of her kids on to tissue paper and glued them onto tiles as coasters.  I thought I’d try the same technique for some wall art in my bathroom.

For this project you’ll need:
tissue paper (I used white)
Mod Podge or similar adhesive
paint brush
plain white printer paper
Scotch tape

Pearlizing Medium
polyurethane spray

To start find an image or clip art online that you want to print.  Play with your print settings to make the image fit the page. I ran a test print run on regular paper a few times until I got the size that I wanted.  Then, using the scotch tape, tape the tissue paper onto the plain computer paper making sure not to cover any of the area that will be printed with the tape. Again you might want to have a few extra sheets of tissue paper handy in case they tear or smear.

Carefully remove the tissue paper from the computer paper.  Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the blank canvas and lay the tissue paper print over the top.

Cover the top of the tissue paper with a thin layer of Mod Podge.

The ink color was a little too drastic for me so I added a layer of Americana Pearlizing Medium.  This tamed down the ink colors, and gave some depth to the texture of the tissue paper.

Then because I was curious, I painted some Mod Podge around the print and added a little sand for even more texture.  I like it on the sand dollar, but not so much on the coral. Oh well, can’t love them all, right?! To keep the sand on the canvas and not all over my bathroom floor, I sprayed a layer of Polyurethene to put a clear finish on it.

Hang and enjoy!


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Cupboard Wall Art

I have a knack for transforming other peoples junk into something creative.  One of my recent projects was transforming some cupboard doors and drawer fronts into wall art.

Like this “Blesssed” sign behind my 30 week belly

Or this Cupboard door “Simplify” sign atop my kitchen cupboards at Christmas time.

My newest is this cupboard door, painted robin egg blue (free paint from Habitat ReStore) but I’m struggling with what to put on it?!

Any suggestions?!?! By the way, if you are looking for cupboard doors or drawers, Habitat ReStore is an excellent first stop!

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Wordy {Wall Art}

To fill a few empty spaces on the man-cave gallery wall, I hung some blank canvases in hopes to figure out something fun to fill them.

(September 2011)

I have a slightly love affair with Modge Podge and this past fall bought a HUGE box of old books from an Estate sale for $1.  Thus my imagination went to work.

I decided to rip up a few book pages, and Modge Podge to the blank canvases…I did this to 3 equal-sized canvas’

Then using some Black Vinyl, I cut out some words and numbers on my Silhouette.

To make the wall art stand out a little more, I took a foam brush and some black acrylic paint and dry brushed the edges of the canvas.

Slowly but surely this gallery wall is coming together to reflect the memories and images of the more adventurous side of our life 🙂

(February 2012)

Sure I may have started this project in October of last year, but a few blank spaces never hurt no one.  The men in the man-cave aren’t overly upset by the lack of completion either.
Any other suggestions or ideas for a few more of the remaining blank spaces?!

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Non-traditional Nursery wall art

Since finding out we are having a girl (due in 3 weeks) we decided to transform the “red” room previously guest room into the nursery.  In order to prevent a divorce, the husband and I agreed that we would not attempt to re-paint the Vatican Red (Behr) walls.  And the Damask inspired Black and White look would work.  It’s not your traditional nursery decor, but it’s what I wanted.  No sense arguing with a pregnant woman!

If you remember my little “pretty” storage post you’ll remember the unique character of our old home, with fun hardware like this…

And little built-ins for some creative storage ideas…

These fun elements helped shape the inspiration for the wall art above the crib.  Keeping with the Black and White damask theme I picked up a few fabric remnants from Jo-Ann fabrics and various sized embroidery hoops.  The 2-second project was complete after I tightened the screws and cut some fabric to fit the embroidery hoop size.

Next I picked up a number of small plates- enough for each letter of her name. And purchased some Disc Hangers on Amazon.  These disc hangers were a fuzzy little dream of mine for a long time and having been longing to hang some plates on my walls.  Simply clean the backs of your plates really well and let dry.

Then add some water to the back side of the disc hangers and smudge it around with your finger to get it good and gooey.  Hard to see the “gooey-ness” in this picture, but they definitely get a tacky feel to them.  Just be careful not to rub the glue right off.

Adhere to the back of your plate (or have your husband do it so you can capture the picture for your blog) and let dry for 12 hours.

Combine all these pretties together on your wall for some fun non-traditional nursery wall art on the cheap.

You’ll have to come back and see her name and meet her in a few weeks 🙂

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Hardware Wall Art

About 7 years ago I started creating a gallery wall in the man-cave family room basement (which was the 2010-2011 winter project).  This weekend, with the husband’s assistance and motivation we got around to adding a few elements to it.

As you’ll notice from the colors and decor, the entire basement was based around one of my husband’s passions: his Harley.  In the gallery wall I wanted to utilize some hardware pieces to help pull the concept together.  Thanks to my discovery of 3M Command Picture Hanging strips, this vision came together in all of about 30 minutes.

First I gathered some Harley Davidson hardware (provided by my husband) and a black 12×12 canvas that I had picked up on one of 312 40% off coupon experiences at Michael’s.

Then I added peel and stick 3M command strips to several areas on the back of the hardware.

One by one, I peeled off the “wall side” sicker and attached it to its location on the 12×12 black canvas and held firmly in place for 30-60 seconds.

To see the hardware canvas in context to the rest of the wall (thus far)…

stay tuned for parts 2, 3, and 4 to the gallery wall coming this week 🙂


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