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Square lampshade redo

In my quest to finish my little man’s big boy room, I decided to add a few more projects to the list.  One was a new lamp that was more fitting with the rest of the room.  This idea started when I saw this lamp shade at a thrift store for $3 and a recollection of the 20,000  tutorials to recover a lampshade. Interestingly I never found a tutorial for a square lampshade, so here’s my stab at it!

While I pulled some ideas from a few of them, I followed the tutorial from shanty 2 chic the most.

I started by cutting down a seam and then carefully removing the outside layer of fabric (Keep the liner on). Try to keep the fabric all in one piece as that will be your template for your new fabric.  Good thing I read the tutorial before attempting this, because I’m totally that girl who just rips everything apart and then tries to figure it out later.  You’ll end up with just the lampshade skeleton

Because my lampshade was square, and my fabric didn’t have much give to it.  I ended up cutting 4 pieces and sewing the edges together.  This was different from all the other tutorials I had seen. I added 1/2″ of extra fabric all around my previous fabric template before cutting it out. Then just ran a stitch connecting all 4 sides. I trimmed the excess fabric off about a 1/4″ from the seam to make it less bulky and allow it to look more smooth.

Place the new fabric over your lampshade skeleton. (sorry for the bad lighting.  Some project are done best at midnight!)

I used my cameo to add an acrylic barn red-painted stencil of the number “10” to coordinate with my little man’s decor and vintage car theme. I was afraid that it would have been too hard to paint this once the fabric was on the lampshade, so I chose to do it before.  I don’t know if I would bother doing it that way again.

I placed the new lampshade over the skeleton.  Using E-6000 and clothespins I stretched the fabric, glued with e-6000 and held in place with clothespins.  Oh I should mention that I cut all the corners at a diagonal (essentially cutting the bottom corner off) to make the fold over and gluing much easier and again to make sure it laid smoothly on the lamp shade.  I clipped the top of one side with clothespins to hold it in place, then glued and clipped the bottom.  I did each side then waited a few minutes before moving to the next side.  I did all 4 sides on the bottom of the lamp shade before tackling the top.

To finish it off I added my own DIY bias tape to the top and bottom of the shade using excess fabric cut into strips long enough to wrap around the bottom and top of your shade.  Fold over a side and iron, then fold over the other side iron.  Wrap around the bottom of the shade and use e-6000 to glue on.

This little project inspired me to make my own lamp, and night stand too.  Stay tuned, you might even see little man’s vintage care themed bedroom reveal yet this summer?!


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Tulle flower tutorial {Sewing}

In an effort to add some accessories to the tulle ruffle skirt, I decided to create a few tulle flowers.  One I sewed directly to the onesie that is worn with the skirt, and a few others have made their way onto headbands.

To begin, cut strips of tulle (mine were 4″ by 12″).  Fold in half a couple of times lengthwise to add some fullness to the tulle.  Then run a straight stitch right down the center of your folds.

Gather the tulle by tightly in the middle by pulling one of the threads on both ends.  (For a more detailed tutorial on this see my ruffled skirt post).

Then cut a small circle from felt (ideally the same color as the fabric you intend to attach it to).

Using the gathered tulle, wrap around in a circle and place on the felt in a circle.  I went around the outside first and had 3-4 more rounds of tulle to work inwards.  I placed one pin through the middle of the tulle and felt just to hold in place.  Then hand sew the felt to the tulle, making sure to only go through one layer of the flower at a time (Otherwise you get a flattened flower look).  I apologize there isn’t a picture of this, I simply didn’t have enough hands when I was doing this!

Finally hand sew (or use fabric glue) to attach the felt to the fabric of your choice!

These are really cute with a layer of satin or other festive fabric too!


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A Lesson in Recovery {Fabric}

I have some pretty high aspirations when it comes to fabric. Combine that with someone who has very little experience with sewing, or really anything with fabric, and you have one perplexed individual.  I see what other bloggers can do and I get all inspired, and then frustrated because I don’t have a clue.  Many of these little creative genius’ roaming the blog world are operating in a whole different league, we aren’t even in the same division! So this post is dedicated to tackling something that is very challenging for you!

I desperately want to tackle a upholstery project, but I just don’t feel very confident (this is pretty true about anything to do with sewing too).  But thanks to a few blogs I’ve read, when I saw this stool for $1 at an estate sale I knew that even I could make her pretty and functional….or at least attempt to.

I started by taking off the top fabric and pad simply by pulling the staples on the bottom.

Then I placed the old foam on a new piece of foam.  Using a sharpie I traced around the old foam to make sure my new cushion was the right size.

I cut out the cushion with a rotary blade (shown above) because it is SO sharp and cuts much smoother than my attempt with a scissors and any other blade for that matter.  Once the new cushion was cut from the new foam I placed it on top of the stool frame, and laid my fabric over the top of the foam.  I took the entire stool (with foam and fabric on top) and flipped over on top of the table, and went to town with a staple gun.

Trim off the excess fabric, close to the staples.  Right side up she looked like this…

But to make her even more pretty, I pulled out some ribbon and glued it to the edge.

Mission accomplished.  Stool pretty-fied, and functional.
(Whoa, don’t look in the background.  My craft space is the porch of our house which has been doubling as “storage of stuff.”  Guess it’s time for some spring cleaning)

What projects have you done that were a little out of your comfort zone, but you are glad you did it?  Comment below and share a link if you can!


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“pretty” storage

Several weeks ago I was featuring some organization tips, tricks, and ideas.  This was the planned Friday post.  But then Thursday happened, where an emergency room visit transpired follow by a  flurry of doctor visits.  That was by a family getaway, a 4-day work conference, some job interviews, planning a few birthday parties, and a major life decision, which has sent my blogging routine into a spiraling mess.  Luckily, I see the light and have been capturing pictures of creative events as they are unfolding.  So, perhaps a few weeks late, but here’s a start to some organization (combined with a fun thrifty, pretty, tutorial) for what was the guest room (also known as the “red room”), which is currently being transformed into the new nursery.

One of the things I loved about our house was all the character and unique built-in storage.  Here’s what I presume was an old built-in dresser.  You can see I have taken advantage of the storage space, but not in an effective manner.

One of the design elements that I took into consideration when working on this room, was the neat hardware….

Which was the inspiration for the design concepts.  Initially I was going to have the husband build some big funky drawers that I was going to cover with fabric, but then I noticed that Laundry basket sitting there all white and lonely and thought I could easily transform her into something.  The result…

A pretty laundry basket that doubles as a hidden storage area.  Best yet, the total budget for this project was a about $6 (fabric remnant, Modge Podge, laundry basket and about 2 hours + dry time).

The Process
Gather Materials- laundry basket, a few foam brushes, Modge Podge, scissors, tape, and fabric.

I taped one end of the fabric just inside the lip of the laundry basket.  Then I let the fabric hang and determined the size/amount of fabric I needed from that and simply cut the fabric with about 1-2″ on either edge of the front face of the basket.

Using a foam brush,  I “painted” the modge podge onto the naked basket, then over the fabric.  I found that Modge Podge was a little too thick, so I added some water to make it more glue like.  I started at the bottom of the basket and worked my way up.  I painted a thin amount directly onto the basket, smoothed the fabric down, and then painted over the fabric.  To keep the ends from curling or bubbling up I simply used scotch tape and secured to a dry area on the basket.

I cut a slit in the fabric where the front handle was located.  I then made wedge cuts from the middle slit towards the handle.  I then  Modge Podged these fabric wedges.  Similar to before I painted a layer of Modge Podge inside the basket, folded the fabric wedges over, and painted another layer of Modge Podge over the fabric.  The key is to contour the lines of the basket as much as possible.

Let dry for a about 4-6 hours (or if your like me you forget about it in another area of the house for a few weeks) and then appreciate your new budget-friendly, “pretty” storage!


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Scrap Fabric Tree

I’m going to apologize in advance for 2 things.
1. The lack of pictures in this post.
2.  The quality of lighting in most of my posts.
I’m a crafty mom who works Full-time and lives in Wisconsin. The daylight hours are 6:30 AM to 4:45 PM, hence all nice natural light is consumed while I’m at work.  And since I do most of my crafting, decorating, and “pretty stuff” between the hours of 8-11 PM, there are few options for good pictures.

I digress.  This seriously was a “Hmm, what could I do with these scraps” kind of project.  Grab a glue gun and styrofoam cone and you have yourself a Scrap Fabric Tree

Simply cut fabric into strips about 3/4″-1″ wide by about 2.5″ long.  Randomly hot glue them to the styrofoam cone.  Keep layering until the cone is no longer visible.  To get the flimsy look only attach a part of the fabric strip and leave some of it loose.  The idea is to be “intentionally random” in appearance.  How’s that for decor lingo.  The hardest part of this project is to not burn your fingers and then pulling off all the hot glue webs everywhere.

I placed my little tree on top of my kitchen cupboards for a little country red vignette.

To learn more about the decoupaged candles check out this post.  For more on tiered vases and displays, stay tuned to the

where many more ornaments, recipes, gifts and ideas will be shared until Christmas.

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Comfort & Joy {DIY Holiday Sign}

Let’s just start this series by saying I love Christmas and Winter. Full confession being made, I also LOVE to surround myself with reminders of the holiday spirit.  This first project is a super simple sign using an old picture frame, fabric, cardstock paper, and die-cut letters and shapes (or stencils work too).

1. Find a Frame (this is a $1 thrift store 8×10 frame)

2.  Find a scrap of fabric that fits the mood of your decor.  If you’re lacking fabric scraps, hit up the remnant section of your local craft/fabric store. Use the cardboard back from the frame as your guide for cutting.  I leave about 1/4 inch extra all the way around to make sure it’s not too short.

3.  Choose your saying and cut it out of cardstock.

4. Display the cardstock words on the fabric.  Place the glass from the frame over the fabric and word.  Holding the glass and fabric tightly flip over the glass into the back of the frame.  Secure the cardboard back of the frame and secure tightly.

That’s it!  Display proudly.Very little mess to clean up, no glue, no glitter…super simple sign 🙂

Come back tomorrow ( and for the next month) for more Homemade Holiday ideas as Fostering a creative Life hosts the…

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Infamous TP pumpkins {no sew Fabric Pumpkin}

I’m sure you’ve seen these a hundred times.  Cheap toilet paper (which is scarce at homecoming), tissue paper, adorable fabric,and sticks to create a simple and easy fall decor item.

I decided to create these the past few years as a versatile way to add color to my fall decor.  While I love pumpkins, gourds, and all the other festive crops, the colors get a little monotonous for me.  In order to appreciate this post you’ll need to know that I am a bargain whore.  I am consistently scouring thrift stores, rummage sales,  and trash piles to find something that I can create with.  Much of the fabric used for this project was acquired from old bed spreads or fancy shams; fabric remnants that were 90% off at a local crafts stores, or re-purposed clothing that was practically given to me. Trust me there are many more project like this in my realm of creativity.

Cut fabric into approximately 13″ x 13″ squares.  Place a few pieces of tissue paper on top of the fabric and place the cheap roll of toilet paper in the middle.  I tend to squash the toilet paper roll to give it a little more character, by placing both of my hands on the top of the roll and applying all my body weight to my hands.  Then grab the corners of the fabric (and tissue paper) and tuck into the center of the toilet paper roll.

Once all edge are tucked in nicely add your “stick” stem.  I say stick, because I literally found a about a 1″ diameter stick about 2′ long on the side of the road during a walk with little man and dog one afternoon.  I had the husband cut into 3″ piece and thus I have pumpkin stems.  I really like the rustic look to them over some other crafted stems I have seen.

I have also created mini-TP-Pumkins by cutting the roll of toilet paper in half with a serrated knife.  Follow the same process, but use less of your supplies! Nice compliment for a pumpkin patch.

That’s it.  I don’t use glue or any fancy leaves or anything.  Just a little love of thrift and cheap toilet paper.  I like to see it as a way to save everyone’s behind from ever having to use that brutal stuff on your behind, or a pretty back up to the emergency realization that there is no toilet paper in the house!


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