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Week of Ideas {Spring}

Since this week was my last week of work before little miss Bea arrives, I didn’t much accomplished in the crafting arena to share. So instead I thought I’d share some inspiration with you from a few of those I’ve pinned lately.

For The Home

Shanty 2 Chic has an entire how to series of these babies – bookcase, bed, end tables, you name it.  I’m in love with the style she’s pulled together!

Source: shanty-2-chic.com via Heidi on Pinterest

As the weather gets warmer I find the amount of sand and grit coming into the house increase too.  I thought this Martha Stewart door mat to was a cute way to add a pop of color just outside the door!

Source: sayyestohoboken.com via Heidi on Pinterest

Who can resist birdhouses?  I’ll admit I really hate birds, but this time of year birdhouses, nests and eggs fill my home decor.  This little tutorial from the speckled dog using candlesticks, might be right up my alley!

Source: thespeckleddog.blogspot.com via Heidi on Pinterest

What is Spring without a little mantel love? Shabby Creek Cottage won me over with the simplicity of her mantel.  And those barn board crosses…have been added to my inspired list of things to do!


Child’s Play

We are on Spring break for an extended weekend, and I will have nearly 12-weeks with my little man and an infant.  So I’m starting to think of fun little projects we can do.  Here are some Spring inspired ideas and snacks that looked amusing, we’ll see what we actually do 😉

The warm weather has flocked us toward outdoor activities.  Currently our driveway serves as a sandbox for our little man, I’m dreaming of something more like this in a few months… (hint, hint to the husband!)

Source: gltc.co.uk via Heidi on Pinterest

I can’t say I’m the world’s biggest fan of sand, so this rainbow rice alternative is somewhat appealing to me

Source: shareandremember.blogspot.com via Heidi on Pinterest

I’m always looking for creative ways to offer healthy food that looks more appealing to my little man (he’s SUCH a picky eater).  So I thought this was a fun little Spring snack idea.  I actually made these as one of his birthday treats using cake decorating bags and goldfish.

Source: susanweinroth.typepad.com via Heidi on Pinterest

On a similar note, hard-boiled eggs are a fan favorite in our house (at least the whites are).  I found this Easter egg dying technique particularly appealing, and I can only imagine my little man would too. Lord knows cracking the egg is the best part, why not do it before you dye the egg 🙂





With that I wish you the very happiest Easter.  Enjoy splendid time with you and your family, and rejoice in the celebration of new life.  Hopefully I’ll return next week with an announcement of our newest family member!




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Spring Fever!

Based on the weather in Wisconsin, you’d think we bypassed Spring and went straight to summer.  We’ve had 80 degree days in March.  We have literally spent every free minute outside playing and working knowing that, in Wisconsin, there is always a snow storm lingering around the corner.  All this fun in the sun (hard to believe I’m saying this in March) really took my attention away from the decor inside the home.   The evergreens just weren’t the right green for St. Patrick’s day, especially when it was 80 degrees.  If snowmen could talk, I would’ve had quite the scolding from my display.  I quickly decided something needed to be done. I scavanged through my supply of thrift shop stuff, and craft supplies and managed to pull together some fun decor more appropriate for the season!

I present the Spring Buffet (my version of the seasonal mantle)

Being that we’re expecting our little girl on Easter you could say I’m “nesting” with all this Spring fever….hahaha.  I know, that was lame!

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