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Not JUST a coffee table

When I met my husband, he was in transition from the other side of the state to where we live now.  He was in the process of creating this amazing piece that currently resides in our basement.

She is made out of  Walnut, with tile inlay for the top.

Isn’t she amazingly gorgeous?!  It is one of my favorite of my handy husbands many projects.

Again, my husband is not a blogger so of course there are no pictures of the process, but if you are interested in making one of these for yourself, shoot me an email and I’ll have him pull the plans out of his brain and share them with you.

This concludes the “handy” husband series honoring my husbands work.  He truly is an awesome ma who supports my creative juices or helps out around the house or by taking the kids so I can work on one of my many projects!


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Hope Chest

I think was one of my first furniture requests to my husband after we were married.  We have a TON of blankets and quilts for the various different sized beds in our home, without a good place to store them that don’t take up precious closet space.

We had some spare space at the end of our bed to house this beauty.

To my surprise she is lined with cedar to make everything smell fresh, which brings back so many memories of my grandparents and their cedar closet.

(Please stop judging our master bedroom.  It’s slated for a makeover, just trying to finish one of the other 3 rooms in limbo right now).

The husband truly has an eye for putting my vision into a reality.  Thanks to my “handy” husband for yet another project.  Stay tuned tomorrow you’ll see one of my FAVORITE pieces yet!

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Secure and recharge

Our beloved first child (our dog) happens to LOVE bread.  When we leave, he finds a way to get all the bread an eat it.

(How can you get mad at this face)?!?! He’s a pure bred Weimaraner if you’re curious, whose can rest his head on a “normal” sized dining room table.

My husband came up with a solution, that not only secures the bread from the dog…it also helps to store the toaster and also serves as a recharge station for all of our cell phones, iPods, iPads, etc. every night.  This is one of my husband’s favorite projects. You may have already seen this here.

To appreciate this here’s what our little kitchen corner looked like before.  A useless spice rack (since I store all of my spices in the cupboard), weird empty space, and a smorgasboard of cords.  One of my BIGGEST pet peaves is having cords showing! Have I also mentioned that I like the spaces in my home to be not only pretty but functional whenever possible.

Here’s the inside- deep enough for house the toaster freeing up some space on one of my two pantry shelves.  It’s also wide enough for several different bread products.

You can kind of see how he made it above.  The door is made by “a bunch” (real technical, I know?!?) of thin wood slats glued to a piece of canvas.  There is a curved groove on the sides that the door travels up and down in.  There is a small open space in the back to allow the board from the toaster to pass through.

The top shelf has little slits in the back to fit our cell phone and iPod charging cords, with felt glued to the back to hold them in place.  I love that our phone and iPod have a place to rest peacefully each night to recharge without 17 cords spread out throughout the house!

This is just one more example of how I can tell the handy husband an idea of something I want, and he brings that idea to life!

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Multipurpose Arbor

The next of my handy husbands project started 4 years ago, when we were planning our wedding.  We were married outside at my parents front yard, and I wanted some to serve as the focal point for the ceremony.  So he made a simple design that I could attach our rustic swag to and everything was perfect.

Of course I have a problem making something for a one time event and I wanted to reuse as much of our wedding decor as we could.  Just so happens we completely landscaped our yard the following year and the arbor was a perfect addition to our garden under the big pine tree.  Unfortunately for the arbor, an insane wind storm took the arbor to a state of disarray to the point that it was completely twisted.  RIP wedding arbor.

Last summer I talked my husband into creating a garden path into our garden under the big pine tree, by using the left over stone from our basement fireplace. (Yes my 1 year old little man supervised this project). He also laid all the landscaping stone you see to make this a raised bed.

Ooo, that wooden wagon you see in the picture above was made by my husband for our wedding too.

I digress.  Sorry, back to the arbor.  Turns out I really wanted out garden under the big pine tree to have a little welcome place, especially now since we had a cute little path.  And I love planting Morning Glories and they like to climb! So one day I came home and this is what I saw.

Apparently my little man liked it too!

Unfortunately my husband doesn’t capture the process of his creations for my blog.  All of the projects you will see this week he creates in his head.  if you are looking for plans for something email me and he can maybe help you  out!

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Spice rack book shelves {DIY}

There’s been quite a few posts about front facing book shelves.  Little Man’s big boy bedroom makeover (click these links to see phase 1 and phase 2) needed a little less clutter, and yet his books needed to be accessible by him (he’s 2). If you’ve ever read this blog before you know that cheap, trendy and figuring out how to “do-it-myself” is how I roll.

I was intrigued by the $3.99 IKEA spice racks made bookshelves…

…but being that the nearest IKEA is 4 hours away and these are not available for order, I needed to come up with a plan B.

So I showed the husband a picture, gave him some dimensions and about 4 hours later we were painting them red. He made 3 total, one for above the bed and 2 for the corner nook.

The husband has learned that I don’t throw scraps away.  (Yes, I just admitted to dumpster diving).  It proved to be handy as much of this was “scrap” wood that was left over from a previous project, the paint was left over from our “red room.”  So our total budget $0.00. On to some wall art and curtains and you might see a full bedroom reveal before the end of the year 😉

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Christmas Mantel

disclaimer: My mantel was actually the buffet in my dining room for several years.  Now that I actually have a mantel in the basement I can’t give up my buffet for seasonal vignettes of decor. Also note that I’m not QUITE finished with this one yet as I have a few more “real” natural elements to add to complete the look.

Each year I try to have a theme to my mantel.  I had an image nagging in my mind of this Christmas Mantel from Just a Girl posted last year.

recognize that wreath?  I love the white with the greenery- festive but simple.

While at a garage sale this summer I happened upon an all white nativity set and I fell in love with it.  It would set the stage for this simple yet focal point in my holiday decor.  My dining room is the gathering place in our house and I often look for a way to tell a story through my decor.  This nativity set was just the focal point I was looking for to keep the reason for the season in the forfront of our holiday celebrations.

I added a burlap scrap to act as the hay and stable area, and an antique wooden box as the stable.

I added some garland behind the scene to make the figures stand out more.  I am also adding some pine boughs to the metal tins and some dogwood branches and twigs to the garland to add a more natural look to it.

I know what your thinking…um Heidi, this looks nothing like your inspiration mantle from Just a Girl.  If you can appreciate the natural, simple look of garland with white accents you’ll understand just how my brain operates!


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EZ wall art {Baby room}

Expecting the arrival of our first child, I wanted to create some wall art above the crib that was unique, simple and neutral as we awaiting a surprise (meaning we didn’t find out the gender). Initially I wanted the words “DREAM Big” but I couldn’t quite find the perfect layout for my idea so I just created “dream” collage.

Supplies: 6 foot piece of 1×8 lumber, acrylic paint of selected colors, large chipboard letters, 12×12 piece of patterned paper, foam brush, modge podge and a few dabs of E-6000 adhesive.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I neglected to capture the process of creating this project.

1. First my handy hubby call the 1×8 into 9 square pieces (8×8).  And sanded down the rough edges.  I followed up with several layers of brown acrylic paint.  Let dry for a couple of hours, while you are waiting move onto step 2 & 3
2. Cut your 12×12 patterned paper into 6×6 pieces (you should get 4 equal sized pieces) set aside.
3.  Paint your chipboard with your choice of color.  I used a foam brush to make sure to get all the edges and nooks. May need a second coat.
4.  On your DRY painted boards, choose 4 boards and spread a medium layer of modge podge to the front face of the board.
5.  Place 6×6 patterned paper on top of the modge podge board, add a thin layer of modge podge over the paper and hold for several seconds to adhere into place.  The paper can tend to lift and roll if you don’t old into place.  We used binder clips to the edges to help secure the paper while drying. If all else fails and pin dot of E-6000 tot eh corners and edge to keep paper secured
6.  With a light color acrylic paint, paint random brush strokes on the remaining 5 pieces of wood.  Make sure the brush strokes provide a big enough background for the chip board letters.
7.  Take the DRY chip board letters and apply a small amount of E-6000 adhesive to the back and adhere to the painted boards.
8.  The husband routed special nail holes into the wood to hand, but attaching a sawtooth hanger or stapling string/wire to the back would work too.
9. Have some assistance in hanging, the spacing and alignment can be tricky when working solo 🙂
10. Stand back, enjoy your work then proceed with nesting by frantically figuring out what else HAS TO be done before the big arrival…. Can you relate?

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