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Fear and Loathing

Is there a skill that you envy in others and so desperately want to try? If you remember my post A lesson in recovery, you might have caught onto one of my fears.   There are actually 2 things that scare the crap out of me…sewing and blog design.  The funny thing is I’m too cheap and stubborn to pay for either one.  So what do I do, PROCRASTINATE, like you wouldn’t believe.  I have piles of projects on my list that I just need to jump on and try it.

Thanks to Donna at Funky Junk Interiors she’s having a “one scary thing challenge” that I’ve decided to jump on.  I think she says it best by posting

I’m putting it out there.  I envy people who can sew.  I actually accepted this challenge a few months ago all on my own.  I sucked it up and called a friend to help me start on my big scary project.  Turns out, it was like a walk down memory lane and I totally am excited about trying a few more things.  It helps to have people in blog world (who scare the crap out of me) that are kind enough to share some tips and tutorials along the way such as Ashley, Beth, and Mandy.

Stay tuned, you’ll see my big scary reveal for my first challenge on Sunday! I have to do some research yet on my next “Big scary thing.”



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I just wanted to share that Maryann has featured my son’s Big Boy Dresser over at Power of Paint.

Head over and check it out, and gather up some inspiration to paint 🙂

For a complete list of where my projects are featured, see the “Where I’m Featured” tab at the top of my blog!

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Yay, we’re back!

Whew! I had a crazy week. In an attempt to upgrade my blog and make things pretty- I redirected somewhere and couldn’t even log in to do anything. Lesson learned.
Happy to get back to some regularly scheduled blogging 🙂 Now…so much to catch up on!

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feeling frazzled {Back to School}

This happens every year, we turn the calendar to August and immediate “OMG summer is almost over” panic sets in.  My husband is a teacher, while summers tend to be my busiest time of the year at work, so we are constantly pulled at the seams to get some time for a vacation.  Then we hit August and the summer to-do list seems like it’s been kicked into high gear to make sure we get everything done.  Plus add all the kiddos into the mix and you have one frazzled family calendar.  Sound familiar?

I have learned so many great tips, tricks, and amazing ideas from other bloggers, and I think any blogger will testify that our readers are some of the most supportive and wonderful people out there.  So I’m announcing a twist on your traditional linky party.  Starting August 15th (yes that’s next monday) Fostering a Creative Life will start featuring tips, tricks, ideas, and activites to help make the transition to Back to school a little more fun and little less stressed.

Monday, August 15th I will kick off the week with the Back to School Blog Bash.

This will be a linky party open to EVERYONE to link up their best tips, tricks, ideas, you name it.  Anything that will help your family get in the groove for Back to School.  I have a few inspirational-bloggers who will features some of their ideas and I have a few slots to fill (if you are interested in a guest post email me littled.tales@gmail.com).

Feeling to exhausted to come up with something fabulous to share- then don’t….but do come and check out all the great ideas to help you get through the final days of summer vacation 🙂

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How to add copyable code for buttons in WordPress

99% if the time I consider myself to be a stubborn determined do-it-yourselfer.   This task of creating a blog button with a copyable code has taken a lot of research and a few challenges to figure out. Let me insert a disclaimer here that I am far from a tech guru.  I’m just a determined little girl whose to cheap to pay for such blog items 😉  Anyone who has been around the blog block knows that Blogger and WordPress don’t operate in the same tech worlds.  While I have seen MANY Blogger tutorials on buttons, I had a hard time finding some assistance in getting things to work as I wanted them too.  I need to start by giving some great thanks to Becca from Gardeners to Bergers for getting me started on this process.

While her tutorial is great, it’s meant for blogger.  In WordPress however you can’t add scroll boxes, when you try you get 2 buttons and no scrolling code to copy. So let’s get started.

First of all in WordPress you want to add a text widget to your sidebar.  Then you are going to want to add this code.  Note: enter your own web address (not fostering a creative life) and your own image url (not the littledtales url listed here) the alt= can be customized text usually a nickname or shortened form for your blog. I just realized my cursor was after the **** when I took the screen shot, so please ignore the straight line- do not include this in your code.

Now copy all of the code up to the first <div> (before the ****).  Open a new window or tab and go to About.com Forum Code Converter (this is your happy dancing time).  Scroll halfway down the page, paste your code into the box.

Click on the HTML to Text button. You should end up with something like this…

Copy this text.  Then go back to your blog text widget.  Paste this code where the **** was located between the <div> and <div> at the end of your original code. It should look like this

Click save- do a little jig because when you go to your home screen you get this….

To give you a bit more sense of accomplishment I like to test mine.  The best way is to copy the code on your blog sidebar, create a new post, click on the HTML tab in the upper right hand corner (next to visual tab) and paste your code.  Click back over to the visual tab and see if your button is posted.

Yay.  I’m a huge fan of Awesome people who share their knowledge, I just saved a boat load of money on custom header, buttons and so much more.  Hope this helps, it’s really not as hard as it seems!

Need to create a button- I have a post in the works on how to do it yourself on picnik, stay tuned!

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Hello world!

You may know me as Sunshine Queen and be found at Enjoying Life or Little-d-Tales Photography & Design … you can expect to see many creative works on this blog!

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