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Barnyard Birthday

My little man turned 2 a few weeks ago.  We had several birthday parties, and one was a barnyard theme.
To start we made barn birthday invites, using red and white card stock.  I simply wrote out all the information with a black marker to save on time and brain power.

The message inside said:

“Oink, Moo, Cock-a-doodle-doo
Holy cow, Caleb’s turning 2!”

In keeping with the theme, I planned a menu and party display to reflect the theme.  If you haven’t seen the Barn Cake and Animal Cupcake tutorials, you’ll need to head to Little-d-Tales Facebook page for photo tutorials of the process!

As you can see there were “cow tales” caramel candy, a veggie tray as “Farmer Caleb’s Garden,”  thin mint “tractor tires.”

We also had yellow finger jello as “hay bales,”  a box of mixed chocolates as “cow-pies,” buffalo chicken dip as “screaming chickens”

Chips as “pig feed” and some Easter Malted Milk candy as “Farm Fresh Eggs”

I did serve some real food too… Hot beef sandwiches, Homemade Mac n’ Cheese (for the  under 4 crowd), potato salad and a few other family favorites.

I did not capture any of the games, but we did a Stick the Spot on the Cow using felt and velcro, and my husband was kind enough to give Horseback Rides.  And last but not least, each child left with a treat-filled bandana complete with mini planters to start their own garden, stickers, and pencils.

Next up is the Football themed birthday party, stay tuned!


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Barnyard birthday cupcake tutorial

I just uploaded the photo album of how I made cow, pig and sheep cupcakes to my Facebook page. You’re going to want to check it out (way easier than I anticipated)!

Here’s a little teaser…

I’ll be posting with a few other fun birthday features from all 3 parties.  Stay tuned 🙂

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Cupcake Wars {Cake Decorating}

A few months ago a girlfriend and I decided to take a cake decorating class. Tonight I took 3 minutes (literally) to sit down and scroll through TV channels and saw the Cupcake Wars show which reminded me of all the supplies in the closet. Now I totally am in the mood to decorate a cake. Instead I’ll share my works with you..

We attended the Wilton Cake Decorating class at our local Michael’s store. Class 1 we learned how to make frosting- nothing to show from that. But class 2 was much more fun- Here was my cupcake cake.

Week 3 was all about cupcakes.  We got to try different tips and tricks for making various flowers and leaves.  This might have been my favorite night.  I totally love the simplicity of a bunch of different cupcakes.

And the grand finale class we made a full cake and learned how to make roses.  Since it was the week before Mother’s day (I wasn’t kidding that it was ages ago in my life) and I had my in-laws headed to town, I decided to make a very “Mother’s-Day-looking-cake”

Very traditional Mother’s Day cake- right?!?  Cake Decorating was put on the back burner until my shoulder is rehabbed a bit more, but definitely by late February I’m ready to kick things back into gear as my husband and I have our own cake war to prepare for our son’s birthday.  This past year we both made a “Big Yellow Digger” cake for my son’s construction themed party

Honestly it was WAY easier than I thought.  My biggest challenge was making a butt-load of frosting in various colors, and cake or dozen cupcakes each week.  By week 4 my husband was so sick of cake (even the fancy ones with filling were not appealing by the last week).  It was something different and unexpected than my typical craft.

If your cheap like me you could easily teach yourself using a few you-tube tutorial videos, but the social aspect was fun.  It’s kind of an expensive hobby- this coming from the girl with a room full of expensive photography and scrapbook supplies.  Enjoy.

If you have a sweet treat that you’ve made and would be interested in being featured on Fostering a Creative Life email me at: Littled.tales@gmail.com
PS- sorry for the watermarked images having my other blog info on them.  I’m off to bed so I’ll come back and change it another day!

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