My Story

Part 1:  The Sunshine Queen
This is Me.  It’s not self-proclaimed, although it fits my personality most days, it was assigned to me.  Want the whole story- check it out here.  I entered the blog world in 2006- which seems forever ago.  My life motto (again there is a story but I’ll spare you the details) for some time, has been “Enjoy Life” and that’s how I made my online appearance.  It was totally for fun, as a way for me to creatively express myself.  I began by sharing life stories (I seem to find the adventurous side of life) and ideas.  In 2008 I got married- and you can tell by the content leading up to that, as it’s ALL about DIY wedding ideas.  We also got a dog and bought a house in 2008, and I took a new job all in May of 2008…And you’ll notice that based on the lack of posts that month ;).  I should mention at this point I have a HUGE family located all over the country (United Sates for the most part) and my family has hosted several exchange students throughout my life- mostly instigated by me, so the blog was a way to keep in touch.  It was always for me. I used it almost as a journal to document life- which later made it’s way into scrapbooks.  It has taken many shapes and forms.  Lately it was getting full of all my other creative stuff and I felt like it was taking away from the original intention- Enjoying LIFE!  Enjoying Life is now noted as “My Family” Blog

Part 2:Little-d-Tales LLC
Being a lifetime scrapbooker, I learned to appreciate the little details and capturing them helped me tell our story. When I became a mom in 2010, I was consumed with capturing all the little details. In fact it was the inspiration behind my business. My little man (also known as little D) has provided ample opportunities for me to capture unique moments that mold our family story. Together with my husband (Mr. D) and dog-child (Mr. Man aka Diesel) the images I capture have shaped our life story with memories and adventures each day. Your life story has many little details involved. I like to capture those moments that help tell your story. I am a natural light photographer who specializes in custom photography. In creating this venture I am combining the 2 things that I am truly passionate about: Children and Photography. As a photographer, my goal is to document and share these fabulous moments we call life:)
To see more detailed information please visit my website: or follow Little~D~Tales Photography on Facebook.  Little-d-Tales is what I consider as “The Photography” on my other blogs.

Part 3: Fostering a Creative Life
Keeping parts 1 & 2 in mind, in every single performance review I’ve ever had the word “creative” and “enthusiastic” were always words of praise.  I LOVE to create…my house is filled with random supplies for things I want to make.  I love designing and crafting something out of a vision or idea I have.  I like seeing something and then figuring out how I could use it or modify it to make something different.  Creating for me, is like a triple espresso for coffee drinker- it totally gets me going. Putting this all together, my maiden name was FOSTER.  I loved my maiden name and really struggled with changing my last name.  I had planned, in accepting my married name, that I would somehow carry my maiden name on.  Now it’s the home of my craft and blog shop.   Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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  1. Kerri Tennie

    Love your ideas!!!!

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