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Square lampshade redo

In my quest to finish my little man’s big boy room, I decided to add a few more projects to the list.  One was a new lamp that was more fitting with the rest of the room.  This idea started when I saw this lamp shade at a thrift store for $3 and a recollection of the 20,000  tutorials to recover a lampshade. Interestingly I never found a tutorial for a square lampshade, so here’s my stab at it!

While I pulled some ideas from a few of them, I followed the tutorial from shanty 2 chic the most.

I started by cutting down a seam and then carefully removing the outside layer of fabric (Keep the liner on). Try to keep the fabric all in one piece as that will be your template for your new fabric.  Good thing I read the tutorial before attempting this, because I’m totally that girl who just rips everything apart and then tries to figure it out later.  You’ll end up with just the lampshade skeleton

Because my lampshade was square, and my fabric didn’t have much give to it.  I ended up cutting 4 pieces and sewing the edges together.  This was different from all the other tutorials I had seen. I added 1/2″ of extra fabric all around my previous fabric template before cutting it out. Then just ran a stitch connecting all 4 sides. I trimmed the excess fabric off about a 1/4″ from the seam to make it less bulky and allow it to look more smooth.

Place the new fabric over your lampshade skeleton. (sorry for the bad lighting.  Some project are done best at midnight!)

I used my cameo to add an acrylic barn red-painted stencil of the number “10” to coordinate with my little man’s decor and vintage car theme. I was afraid that it would have been too hard to paint this once the fabric was on the lampshade, so I chose to do it before.  I don’t know if I would bother doing it that way again.

I placed the new lampshade over the skeleton.  Using E-6000 and clothespins I stretched the fabric, glued with e-6000 and held in place with clothespins.  Oh I should mention that I cut all the corners at a diagonal (essentially cutting the bottom corner off) to make the fold over and gluing much easier and again to make sure it laid smoothly on the lamp shade.  I clipped the top of one side with clothespins to hold it in place, then glued and clipped the bottom.  I did each side then waited a few minutes before moving to the next side.  I did all 4 sides on the bottom of the lamp shade before tackling the top.

To finish it off I added my own DIY bias tape to the top and bottom of the shade using excess fabric cut into strips long enough to wrap around the bottom and top of your shade.  Fold over a side and iron, then fold over the other side iron.  Wrap around the bottom of the shade and use e-6000 to glue on.

This little project inspired me to make my own lamp, and night stand too.  Stay tuned, you might even see little man’s vintage care themed bedroom reveal yet this summer?!


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Fear and Loathing

Is there a skill that you envy in others and so desperately want to try? If you remember my post A lesson in recovery, you might have caught onto one of my fears.   There are actually 2 things that scare the crap out of me…sewing and blog design.  The funny thing is I’m too cheap and stubborn to pay for either one.  So what do I do, PROCRASTINATE, like you wouldn’t believe.  I have piles of projects on my list that I just need to jump on and try it.

Thanks to Donna at Funky Junk Interiors she’s having a “one scary thing challenge” that I’ve decided to jump on.  I think she says it best by posting

I’m putting it out there.  I envy people who can sew.  I actually accepted this challenge a few months ago all on my own.  I sucked it up and called a friend to help me start on my big scary project.  Turns out, it was like a walk down memory lane and I totally am excited about trying a few more things.  It helps to have people in blog world (who scare the crap out of me) that are kind enough to share some tips and tutorials along the way such as Ashley, Beth, and Mandy.

Stay tuned, you’ll see my big scary reveal for my first challenge on Sunday! I have to do some research yet on my next “Big scary thing.”


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t-shirt headband {repurpose}

Since the arrival of my little girl, I am all about creating accessories for her.  While she was blessed with a full head of hair, I’d love to add “pretties” to dress her up, however her hair is so fine and slippery that nothing (including headbands) stay on her head or in her hair.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t try…

In celebration of her 1 moth birthday I thought I’d try something fun.  I used my husband’s white t-shirt to make this little headband.

Using a sleeve from a white t-shirt, I cut 5 strips then pulled on them to make the edges roll.

Initially I planned to just braid it, but it seemed to thin and boring.

Then I found a tutorial for a 5 stranded braid, which was more of what I was looking for.  Since Ashley from Make-it & Love-it has a fabulous tutorial on a 5-stranded t-shirt braid, you can go there for the complete tutorial.

Source: makeit-loveit.com via Heidi on Pinterest

After completing the braid, I simply sewed the ends together and glued (e-6000) on a fabric flower (recycled from gift wrap).  I think she looks pretty darn cute with the little accessory.

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Tulle flower tutorial {Sewing}

In an effort to add some accessories to the tulle ruffle skirt, I decided to create a few tulle flowers.  One I sewed directly to the onesie that is worn with the skirt, and a few others have made their way onto headbands.

To begin, cut strips of tulle (mine were 4″ by 12″).  Fold in half a couple of times lengthwise to add some fullness to the tulle.  Then run a straight stitch right down the center of your folds.

Gather the tulle by tightly in the middle by pulling one of the threads on both ends.  (For a more detailed tutorial on this see my ruffled skirt post).

Then cut a small circle from felt (ideally the same color as the fabric you intend to attach it to).

Using the gathered tulle, wrap around in a circle and place on the felt in a circle.  I went around the outside first and had 3-4 more rounds of tulle to work inwards.  I placed one pin through the middle of the tulle and felt just to hold in place.  Then hand sew the felt to the tulle, making sure to only go through one layer of the flower at a time (Otherwise you get a flattened flower look).  I apologize there isn’t a picture of this, I simply didn’t have enough hands when I was doing this!

Finally hand sew (or use fabric glue) to attach the felt to the fabric of your choice!

These are really cute with a layer of satin or other festive fabric too!


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Ruffle newborn skirt tutorial {Sewing}

If you read my Lesson in Recovery, you may be aware of my desire to sew, but fear in inadequacy.  I have since been practicing and stepped it up a notch to make my first little girl outfit.

The inspiration for this outfit came from a sales rack at Babies R’ Us where I saw an adorable ruffly dress sewn to a onesie.  With a sale price tag of $17 I knew I could create something just as cute with the fabric I had.  Of course I can’t find a picture of the original dress, but here is something similar that was available online with a price tag of $34.00 at Rufflebutts.com

I did pick up a 1/2 yard of white satin fabric (at 40% off of course) for $3.00 to make this, the rest of it I had. Thanks to the help of my friend who is helping me convert my wedding dress to a baptismal gown, I learned the art of gathers, which I prefer to call “puckers.” So I used that skill and a few different colors of tulle to make a little tulle ruffled satin skirt for my newbie.

I apologize for my lack of pictures in this post, I got a little caught up in making it that I forgot about capturing the process.  If you have questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to walk you through the steps 🙂

To begin I cut 6 strips of tulle, 6 inches wide by 16 inches long. The length should be about double the width of the skirt.  Then fold the tulle strips in half and in half again so I had a double thick fabric to create fuller ruffles.  Then I ran a straight stitch down the center of my double thick tulle strip.

Make sure to keep your threads long on either end of the stitch.  You will not see this stitch, so don’t worry if it’s not straight.  It just needs to go through all of the layers.  If you have some really uneven edges, take a scissors and trimmed them in line with the others to make it a little cleaner looking.

Next on both ends of the tulle take one of the threads and pull, gathering the tulle toward the middle.  Make sure to do it evenly on both sides.  On my skirt the gathered tulle strips needed to be about 8 inches long.

For the base of the skirt I used white satin so it would be soft and smooth on my newborn’s skin, but most knit fabrics would work too.  I cut the satin into  two 8″ x  8″ pieces  Because satin is a fabric that frays very easily,  I ran a 1/2 straight stitch hem along the side edges just to prevent the edges from fraying while I was working on it.  On the top and bottom I ran a 5/8″  straight stitch to prevent fraying.  Then I folded over and pinned for a 1/4″ hem.  I should note that since this was a newborn skirt I was simply attaching the skirt to a onesie, so I didn’t need to add an elastic waistband.  If you plan to do so, you’d want to make sure to add a channel and run the elastic through the waist line too.

Now the fun part.  Take all those gathered tulle strip and pin them onto the skirt. You’ll want to make sure the gathers are somewhat even or all your ruffles will be to one side. (I took this picture before I decided against the brown, same process though).  I pinned the ruffles with my pins pointing up and down so that I can sew over them rather than pulling the pins. It helps to make sure everything stays in place.

Over each strip your going to run a straight stitch hem, with back-stitch, directly over the first straight stitch in the tulle to adhere it to the skirt.

The final piece is to turn the skirt inside out so rights sides are facing together.  Pin an angled side seam to create the skirt. I used a zigzag stitch on the side seam.  Then trim down the edges (about 1/4″ to 1/2 inch from the seam) and turn right sides out.

Because I wanted my accessorized onesie to be used with other outfits, I hand-sewed snaps to attach it to the inside of the skirt.

And there you have it.  Stay tuned for another tutorial on creating ruffle tulle flowers and accessories. Granted my time is invaluable, but this project cost me less than $8 and I have plenty of supplies remaining to make other fun girly stuff. In fact the tulle is still left over from our wedding!

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Clip on Curtains- Big Boy Room phase 3

Still working on some finishing touches for Little Man’s Big Boy Room. You may remember the Barn Board Accent Wall and painting the walls.

Then there was the Big Boy Dresser makeover.

And finally the DIY Spice Rack bookshelves.  Which could be considered the start to phase 3…Big Boy Room Accessories.  But this will be a long phase so I’ll break it up with a few posts before the final room reveal.

I’m finally getting to the point of some finishing touches, and am hoping for the entire room reveal soon.  Today I’ll feature the curtains.  If you notice in the first picture the bright green valance really wasn’t working with the new color scheme.  Keeping with the blues, greys, and reds I opted I picked up some off-white and navy striped fabric on sale at JoAnn’s.  I bought 3 yards but only used about 1 1/2 yards total.  (I also made 3 valances and really only needed 2).  To start I laid out the fabric width-wise.  I wanted the stripes to be vertical so I needed to cut my fabric into equal lengths.  Luckily I have a very large dining room table.  I cute the fabric into 3 strips of 18 inches each.  I was planning on a 15″ curtain which gave me a little flexibility for a 1″ hem on top and bottom.

I added a 5/8″ hem on both sides after cutting. using a standard straight stitch.

The I ironed the entire fabric, pinned and steamed the fold to create the 1″ top and bottom hem.  Since I was planning to use clips, as I had in the past, I didn’t need to create the slot for the curtain rod to slide through.

And now in real-time, in the room and hanging…

The clips were placed 10″ apart with a 1″ overlap for the pleated fold.  The clips are places over the fold and stretched out on the rod so none of the curtain buckles.  The trick, that I kept forgetting about, with the clips is to make sure they are all facing the same direction so you get the curtain to hang properly.

Now, I need to get some wall art done and we should be set for a room reveal 🙂

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DIY lanyards from Pocket Full of Poise {Back to School Blog Bash day 2}

Welcome Back to Day 2 of the Back to School Blog Bash.  This series of creative ideas, tips and tricks to make the back to school transition a little easier on everyone!  Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration to make getting back to school a little more fun!
Our guest blogger today is Kristy from Pocketful of Poise.  When I saw her DIY lanyard project for her Kindergarden team of teachers my heart pitter-pattered just a bit.  As a former teacher, I know how these little things can make life as a teacher so much easier- having your ID badge and keys available at all times is almost a must for a teacher on the go…. to have something super cute is just extra credit in my eyes. 
For a new blogger she has so many cute ideas and inspiration project you’ll want to try.  I have her bookmarked to add a bunch of pins to my pinterest page too.  Make sure to spread the blog love and visit her blog 🙂
First, I want to say thank you to Heidi for inviting me to guest post for the Back to School Bash!  I am still very new to the blogger world and still get giddy about things like guest posts… so thank you Heidi. 
I guess I should also introduce myself… I am Kristy from Pocketful of Poise.  I love all things crafty. Like I said, I am very new to this world, but I am loving it already.  I hope you pop off to my blog and get inspired to make some of the fun and inexpensive projects I have posted.
Something else that you might not know is that I am a kindergarten teacher.  This is my fourth year and quite frankly it is something that truly makes my heart sing. I am kicking off the school year with some pretty cute lanyards.  Yes, you guessed it… I am making them for my kindergarten team. Maybe it’s part of being kindergarten teachers, but we seem to get so excited over the smallest things. So, if a cute ribbon lanyard with our school’s little cub paw print gets them excited then I have to make them!
Here’s what you need:
  • ribbon
  • lighter
  • key ring
  • felt flowers
Start with a spool of ribbon. I used a whole spool of ribbon to make six lanyards.  I cut each ribbon at 30 inches.
 Burn the edges so they will not frey.

Place the ribbon around your neck and overlap the ends. Holding the two ends in place, fold the edges back and pin in place.

You can hand stitch or run it through your sewing machine; don’t forget to back stitch reinforcing the ribbon.

You now have a loop to run the key ring through. 
Decorate with felt flowers, buttons or just leave it as is.  Add your teacher I.D. and maybe you’ll actually remember to wear it now that it’s on that cute lanyard!
I hope all my teacher friends have an awesome first day!
~Happy Teaching~
Thank you Kristy! To share your creative idea, tip or trick to make the back to school transition easier, please check out the Back to School Blog Bash Linky Party.  Make sure to add your link and vote for others ideas that you like! 

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