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Wordy {Wall Art}

To fill a few empty spaces on the man-cave gallery wall, I hung some blank canvases in hopes to figure out something fun to fill them.

(September 2011)

I have a slightly love affair with Modge Podge and this past fall bought a HUGE box of old books from an Estate sale for $1.  Thus my imagination went to work.

I decided to rip up a few book pages, and Modge Podge to the blank canvases…I did this to 3 equal-sized canvas’

Then using some Black Vinyl, I cut out some words and numbers on my Silhouette.

To make the wall art stand out a little more, I took a foam brush and some black acrylic paint and dry brushed the edges of the canvas.

Slowly but surely this gallery wall is coming together to reflect the memories and images of the more adventurous side of our life 🙂

(February 2012)

Sure I may have started this project in October of last year, but a few blank spaces never hurt no one.  The men in the man-cave aren’t overly upset by the lack of completion either.
Any other suggestions or ideas for a few more of the remaining blank spaces?!


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Star light, Star Bright, Christmas Tree topper I see tonight…

With the completion of our basement this past winter, I found I had a whole new space to decorate this year.  Our basement in our new family room, so it seemed appropriate that we put our Christmas tree down there.  The only challenge was we have an artificial tree.  On the first two levels of our home we have 10 foot ceiling (kind of unique for  50+ year old home).  However in the basement, it’s only 8 foot, which is exactly the same size as our tree.  I certainly wasn’t willing to opt for a new tree so I had to improvise for a Christmas tree topper this year.  Hence the Book page Star burst project!

There’s been lots of starburst inspiration around the web, and lots of book page wreaths and other decor….so I thought I’d combine the two for a Christmas Tree topper.

To start I pulled one of the 50,000 old books from a box of books that I managed to “steal” for a $1 (yeah, that was for the entire box that I couldn’t carry to my car), and randomly tore out a bunch of pages.  The pages already had an aged yellowing look to them with darker edges giving me the antiqued look I desired.

I cut one page of book paper into a 3 1/2″ star on my Silhouette (remember that toy that has distracted me for countless hours) and a 5″ star out of red cardstock.  I modged podged the two together to get this.

I took some gold glitter puffy paint and outlined the border of the book page star

Cut out a 3″ piece of cardboard that will fit behind the star without peeking out the sides.

Set the star aside to dry.  Cut out some book pages and cut into strips.  The book pages were originally just over 5″ wide by almost 8″ long.  I simply cut the page into 1/3 page strip and 2/3 strip.  Then cut both in half.

I rolled each piece of book paper into a cone shape

and stapled it to the edge of the cardboard.

Just keep going till you’ve covered the outer edge with paper cones stapled to the cardboard.  To add some depth and make it look more full I added a second smaller layer of paper cones to fill in (using the 1/3 page strips of paper cut in half).

If you notice I stick my fingers in the middle of the cones to help position them into place.  I started out gluing the cones together, then realized it wasn’t necessary, the staples held the cones pretty well.  On some of the smaller ones I reverted to gluing the cones before adhering them to the cardboard.  Before the final steps of adding the star, I took more gold glitter puffy paint and smeared it randomly on the edges of the paper cones to add some sparkle and depth.

When the paper cones filled the cardboard to my heart’s content, I added the star.  I poked a hole through both the cardboard and star for a Christmas light.  I adhered the star with some 3-D stickies on all 5 points.  It is not flush to the cardboard, rather reinforced through the paper cones and with the Christmas light.

As you can see it works well with the family Christmas tree (which will be an upcoming post, stay tuned).

Just one more week to go (I’m sorry I missed a few days, but there is much more excitement to come!)…stay tuned for more homemade inspiration.



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25 Block

This next project is the perfect one to fill a little space, and add a little holiday cheer.

All you need is a scrap of wood, foam brush, acrylic paint, modge podge, festive paper scrap, and some chipboard (stickers or die-cut letters) to your liking.

Start by painting the edges of your wood (anything that the festive scrap paper won’t cover).  Let Dry. I actually use 2 foam brushes- 1 for paint and 1 for modge podge so the paint doesn’t smear into the modge podge while I’m applying it.  I also used a dry brush stroke at the end to soften the edges.

Apply a thin layer of modge podge and lay paper on top.  Using modge podge apply another thin layer over the paper to smooth out.  Let dry.

Using the paint foam brush (if it’s clean just put a dab of paint down and then brush it onto some scrap paper to “dry” it out) go back and forth in a quick horizontal motion along the border of the scrap paper. You should get a bit of an antiqued, softer look.

Optional: Add a smudge of paint on to of the paper large enough for your letters/numbers to pop out.

Lastly adhere your chipboard, stickers or other form of letter to the block.  I sometimes need to convince my letters to stick with a little e-6000.  Another variation is to use multiple blocks to spell out a word or phrase.

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Words of Inspiration {Handmade Gift}

This time of year it’s easy to get sucked into the commotion of the holiday season.  Elaborate gifts, an abundance of decorations throughout the house, a food spread fit for a king….all in all it always seems like there is an abundance of stuff.  For me it’s helpful to have inspiration reminders to focus my energy.  Hence the inspiration for this project.

I’m participating in a handmade gift exchange thanks to Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous.  My gift exchange partner happens to have a little lust for the written word, Yellow and blue make her happy, and is drawn to the word Simplify…hence the inspiration for this project.  I too tend to believe in SIMPLIFY your life, your stuff, your calendar and often this time of year need to be reminded of that “more doesn’t equal better.”

Supplies needed- although a change of plans on the buttons, added some paint and fabric to really throw a loop into the plan.

(yes these are foam stamps from 2002)

To start I painted some modge podge onto a blank 8×10 canvas.  Ripped up book pages and randomly placing them to cover the canvas and painting a layer of modge podge ove the top to smooth out the surface, and avoid curling of pages.

Repeat 17 or 29 times until your canvas is covered to your liking, and then maybe a few more times to cover any mistakes.  I used paint and foam stamps for my lettering, purely because I wasn’t in the mood for clean lines and vinyl. So hello paint- colorful, affordable and ready to use when I need you!

I smudged a few other colors of paint to add some dimension, and some fabric scraps for character and give it a little more festive appeal.  Punched a fancy button through the fabric and adhered it all to the canvas with a little heart-throb of mine…E-6000.

“Simplify-ed Word art is a nice gift to offer some inspiration words to friends family, maybe even a new idea from the monotonous teacher gifts…all within $10.

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Light up the Holidays {accessorize your candles}

Here’s a fun way to spruce up some simple dollar candles into something brighter for the holidays.

Grab some plain old boring candles and an assortment of pretty paper, old book pages, sheet music, fabric, what-ever fits your fancy. Then throw in some fun twine, ribbon or wire and maybe a few random embellishments.  Spread a bit of Modge Podge onto your candle with a foam brush.

Place the paper or fabric over the Modge Podge and smooth out with the foam brush.  For some papers you’ll want to add a layer of modge podge over the top and sides of paper to smooth it out.
Then take your ribbon, twine, or what ever else you have in mind and wrap over the paper and tie it.  For some of the heavier wire I wrapped it, then also added a few dots of E-6000 or another strong adhesive that would encourage it to stay put.

Display proudly.  Nothing light a winter evening lit by candles with the soft hum of Silent Night playing in the background!


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Cookie Cutter Christmas {DIY Ornament}

Who doesn’t love the IDEA of cut-out cookies, but making and decorating them take on a world of their own.  Despite my growing ambition to make these on a yearly basis, the thought of the time, the mess, and really they aren’t our FAVORITE cookie I used the cookie cutters for something much more useful. Between my mom and I we had a pile of old cookie cutters.  Some were more vintage ones, others made designs that didn’t lend themselves nicely to cut-out cookies.  Hence the creation of Cookie Cutter Ornaments!

You might see a trend starting here, but again these are SUPER-SIMPLE!

– assortment of cookie cutters
– Jute,twine, hemp cording, ribbon… whatever suits your style
– Scissors
– Drill with a bit small enough for your (any of the above) to fit through.
Open Back ornaments require a few more steps and supplies
– Festive Paper
– Pencil
– Modge Podge or watered down glue even works
– foam brush
– Wax Paper
– Strong adhesive (I used E-6000, gorilla glue or hot glue might work)

You might notice that the old fashioned cookie cutters are easiest.  You simply drill 2 holes in the top, lace your twine through, tie knots and you have yourself an ornament in less than 1 minute 🙂 (I told you… SIMPLE)  The open back one has a few more steps.

1. Place the cookie cutter on some festive paper and trace around the outside leaving about a 1/8 inch allowance all the way around. Cut out the tracing.

2. Place the cut out paper on wax paper and apply a layer of Modge Podge with a foam brush.  Once that dries completely, peel off the wax paper and apply another coat of modge podge to the opposite side of the paper.

3.  When that dries you may once again peel off the wax paper.  You may notice some crusty edges where the podge podge had dried, I just took my scissors and trimmed all the way around.

4.  If you haven’t added the twine to your ornament (like explained for the old-fashioned cookie cutter) do that next.

5.  Using adhesive, squeeze a thin line all the way around the “sharp” side of the cookie cutter and place onto the paper cut out.  Let dry

There you have a few different ways to add some super-simple-ornaments to your collection 🙂

Come back tomorrow for to make a simple yet elegant fur wreath…better yet come back everyday to see all the fabulous homemade Christmas inspiration with the

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