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Tomorrow’s snack


I thought we’d be a little festive and have some red, white, and blue fruit pizza. A sure thing with my family. I hope everyone has a safe a happy holiday weekend. Please remember to take the time to thank a service man or woman. Let us not forget the reason for this holiday!


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Mini festive signs {Eek}

I’m a scrap hog, anytime I see left over scraps in the garbage it pains me.  My husband is well aware that I will dumpster dive if he doesn’t check with me before throwing away any scraps.  Such is the case of the mini festive signs.  These were created with scraps of 1 x 4 lumber that my husband was throwing away.  I rescued a few pieces and had him trim them to block size and the result is a variety of fun little signs.

Supplies for this Project:
scrap lumber (I used 1″x 4″ scraps)
variety of scrapbook printed papers for the desired holiday or season
acrylic paint- colors to coordinate with scrapbook paper
foam brush or paint brush
adhesive (I used Modge Podge)
Stickers or Chipboard for message
scissors or paper cutter
(Might need a few drops of E-6000 or other strong adhesive depending on your sticker/chipboard selection)

The first step is to lay your block over the scrapbook paper and mark the dimensions.  I tend to trim it just a hair (hows that for measurement) smaller than the block so that the painted edge show better.

The paint the edges of your block and let dry. I also paint a little on the front just to make sure when my paper is attached no wood is showing.

Once that is dry, use a clean brush to paint on the adhesive to the block.  Just apply a light coat and spread out smoothly with your brush.  I find that the adhesive tends to spread more evenly when I use a foam brush.  Place the paper on top of the adhesive while wet and brush on a layer of adhesive.  Make sure to get the edges of the paper.  This may take a few coats, but make sure you allow time for the coats to dry in between applications.  You don’t want to have too much adhesive or your paper will bubble.

Optional: take a small dab of paint and “dry brush” the edge of the block to give it a weathered look.  I have also torn the edges of the paper for a similar look.

Depending on the print on the paper, and color of your chipboard or stickers, I sometimes add a few strokes of paint where the message will go so it’s a little more bold.  Make sure to do this after the adhesive is completely dry.

Arrange stickers/chipboard into a message to fit on your block.  I have found that I sometimes need to add a few drops of E-600 (or another strong adhesive) to get the stickers to stay on.

These fun little signs are so simple to make, and the possibilities are endless.  The entire project maybe lasts 30 minutes with drying time.  What I really love is these signs can be placed anywhere to add a little touch of flare for the holiday season, or in bathroom, bedroom, in an odd space in your hallway or kitchen!  Making one for every season and every room is as simple as finding the paper you want.  I easily made 20 of these for less than $5.

Hope you enjoy your festive mini sign project 🙂

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