There are many options to advertise on Fostering a Creative Life.  For more details or to propose a different option, please email me at

Fostering a Creative Life is a new Blog with HUGE potential.
I have been in business since July 18, 2011
– over 3, 200 views to my page in just over a month (Average 650 views a week) and growing daily.
– I have 77 followers on pinterest, 50 on facebook,  and 25 subscribers to my blog
-75% of my readers are females age 29-35
– My work has been featured (based on merit) on 3 large blogs….see the where I’m featured page for most up-to-date information.

1.  Sidebar Button: Any company wishing to advertise with a sidebar button will receive a minimum of 1 month of advertising starting on the first of the month.  Any company choosing to advertise on the sidebar will receive a “Shout out” post from me introducing up to 5 of your products (with pictures provided by you).  There are 2 size options: 125 x 125 ($5/month) or 100x 250 ($10/month).  Discounts apply to longer term advertisements.

2. Product/Site Review:  Do you want to know what others think about your site or product? I will do a complete evaluation of your site/product with detailed report for you with Strengths and opportunities for a flat $15 fee for sites and  $10 for products.  The company assume all responsibility for shipment and recognize that reviewed products will not be returned.  All Reviews include a post that will link to your site, shop, and social networks.

3.  Giveaway:  The fastest way to drive traffic to your site!  Any company wishing to showcase a product or service through a giveaway requires a review from me first (I want to make sure we are offering my readers high-quality goods and services).  The suggested minimum value should be $30. There is no additional fee for a giveaway (just the cost of the review, and any shipping costs associated with both the review and giveaway are assumed by the advertising company).

I look forward to working with you, learning about you and your company, and am excited to share your amazing work with my fabulous readers!  Please don’t hesitate to email me:
I promise I’ll respond.


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