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t-shirt headband {repurpose}

Since the arrival of my little girl, I am all about creating accessories for her.  While she was blessed with a full head of hair, I’d love to add “pretties” to dress her up, however her hair is so fine and slippery that nothing (including headbands) stay on her head or in her hair.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t try…

In celebration of her 1 moth birthday I thought I’d try something fun.  I used my husband’s white t-shirt to make this little headband.

Using a sleeve from a white t-shirt, I cut 5 strips then pulled on them to make the edges roll.

Initially I planned to just braid it, but it seemed to thin and boring.

Then I found a tutorial for a 5 stranded braid, which was more of what I was looking for.  Since Ashley from Make-it & Love-it has a fabulous tutorial on a 5-stranded t-shirt braid, you can go there for the complete tutorial.

Source: makeit-loveit.com via Heidi on Pinterest

After completing the braid, I simply sewed the ends together and glued (e-6000) on a fabric flower (recycled from gift wrap).  I think she looks pretty darn cute with the little accessory.

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DIY Baby Wipes on the Cheap

Being that I’m a new mom, baby wipes are used frequently in this house.  A friend gave me a gift basket with my first child with the ingredients and recipe to make my own baby wipes.  I decided to pull out that baby and make a few batches today.

Roll of Paper towel
2 Cups of Water
2 Tablespoons of Baby Wash
2 Tablespoons of Baby oil (or olive oil works well too)

Begin by finding a container to fit the diameter of the paper towel roll (this might be the hardest part of this project).  Cut the paper towel roll in half using a non-serrated knife.  A serrated knife kind of mangled the paper towel, but it was all I could find when I was ready to make these.  You can see the mess it makes.

Place one of the cut paper towel rolls into the container and add the remaining ingredients.  Let set until the roll has absorbed the liquids.  Remove the cardboard tube from the center.  Pull the wipes from the center of the roll for use.

Turns out one roll of paper towel (which is about a $1/roll or less if you buy in bulk) makes about 400 wipes.  The oil and baby wash are about $2-$3 each, but with only 2 Tablespoons per batch you can make quite a few baby wipes with each container.  Best yet the wipes are super soft without any chemicals on your baby’s bum!

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How to win over a teacher’s heart? {Back to School Blog Bash- Day 3}

I am so excited to introduce Dee, from La-Dee-Da creations.  Her pencil-based centerpiece and bracelet really peaked my interest….but the onesie.  I definitely need to make myself one of those for my little man! Don’t take my word for it, do check her out.  She has great to tutorials to go along with these adorable ideas 🙂  Allow yourself plenty of time, you may need to look around a while!

Hi there, I am the La-Dee-Da crafter

and I am so excited to be a part of the

Back to school blog bash

My blog home is

I am a wife to a Navy Commander, F-18 pilot

and a mom to great kids and I adore my La-Dee-Da doggie

When school rolled around here in AZ, it was still July and I was not in the school spirit. But I kicked it into high gear and we had a fun back to school party/dinner.

Go here to see all the details:


I decided to make a pencil centerpiece. I used notebook paper for the inside and added some flash cards, flowers and ribbon. Go to my post to get step by step directions on how to make your own.

I used back to school items to make a banner too!!! And by each of our plates was a name tag, just like the first day of school!!!

SO fun!!!

I gave this centerpiece to one teacher, but I have 2 girls so I came up with a pencil cuff.


You can find step by step directions for this craft as well.

I took a cuff I had, pencils, hot glue, ribbon and made a fun teacher accessory.

And just for kicks, I made a back to school onesie. I craft on tv and this week I am doing baby gifts and so with back to school on my mind, I had to make a back to school baby onesie!


There you have it!!! All of my back to school fun!!!

I hope you will come by and visit my blog.

Thanks Heidi for having me be apart of your blog bash.

I had a blast in a very La-Dee-Da way!

Need more inspiration, or wish to share your own tips, tricks or creative ideas to make the Back to School transition just a little more fun?!  Head over to the Back to School Blog Bash
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