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Cookie Cutter Christmas {DIY Ornament}

Who doesn’t love the IDEA of cut-out cookies, but making and decorating them take on a world of their own.  Despite my growing ambition to make these on a yearly basis, the thought of the time, the mess, and really they aren’t our FAVORITE cookie I used the cookie cutters for something much more useful. Between my mom and I we had a pile of old cookie cutters.  Some were more vintage ones, others made designs that didn’t lend themselves nicely to cut-out cookies.  Hence the creation of Cookie Cutter Ornaments!

You might see a trend starting here, but again these are SUPER-SIMPLE!

– assortment of cookie cutters
– Jute,twine, hemp cording, ribbon… whatever suits your style
– Scissors
– Drill with a bit small enough for your (any of the above) to fit through.
Open Back ornaments require a few more steps and supplies
– Festive Paper
– Pencil
– Modge Podge or watered down glue even works
– foam brush
– Wax Paper
– Strong adhesive (I used E-6000, gorilla glue or hot glue might work)

You might notice that the old fashioned cookie cutters are easiest.  You simply drill 2 holes in the top, lace your twine through, tie knots and you have yourself an ornament in less than 1 minute 🙂 (I told you… SIMPLE)  The open back one has a few more steps.

1. Place the cookie cutter on some festive paper and trace around the outside leaving about a 1/8 inch allowance all the way around. Cut out the tracing.

2. Place the cut out paper on wax paper and apply a layer of Modge Podge with a foam brush.  Once that dries completely, peel off the wax paper and apply another coat of modge podge to the opposite side of the paper.

3.  When that dries you may once again peel off the wax paper.  You may notice some crusty edges where the podge podge had dried, I just took my scissors and trimmed all the way around.

4.  If you haven’t added the twine to your ornament (like explained for the old-fashioned cookie cutter) do that next.

5.  Using adhesive, squeeze a thin line all the way around the “sharp” side of the cookie cutter and place onto the paper cut out.  Let dry

There you have a few different ways to add some super-simple-ornaments to your collection 🙂

Come back tomorrow for to make a simple yet elegant fur wreath…better yet come back everyday to see all the fabulous homemade Christmas inspiration with the


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Homemade Christmas Series

Stay tuned…Fostering a Creative Life will be hosting a homemade Christmas Series from November 26- December 23.

The Countdown to Christmas series will feature tons of gift ideas, decor, creative package displays, table pieces and more….all homemade and thrifty!

Hope you’ll stop back soon 🙂

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