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Words of Inspiration {Handmade Gift}

This time of year it’s easy to get sucked into the commotion of the holiday season.  Elaborate gifts, an abundance of decorations throughout the house, a food spread fit for a king….all in all it always seems like there is an abundance of stuff.  For me it’s helpful to have inspiration reminders to focus my energy.  Hence the inspiration for this project.

I’m participating in a handmade gift exchange thanks to Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous.  My gift exchange partner happens to have a little lust for the written word, Yellow and blue make her happy, and is drawn to the word Simplify…hence the inspiration for this project.  I too tend to believe in SIMPLIFY your life, your stuff, your calendar and often this time of year need to be reminded of that “more doesn’t equal better.”

Supplies needed- although a change of plans on the buttons, added some paint and fabric to really throw a loop into the plan.

(yes these are foam stamps from 2002)

To start I painted some modge podge onto a blank 8×10 canvas.  Ripped up book pages and randomly placing them to cover the canvas and painting a layer of modge podge ove the top to smooth out the surface, and avoid curling of pages.

Repeat 17 or 29 times until your canvas is covered to your liking, and then maybe a few more times to cover any mistakes.  I used paint and foam stamps for my lettering, purely because I wasn’t in the mood for clean lines and vinyl. So hello paint- colorful, affordable and ready to use when I need you!

I smudged a few other colors of paint to add some dimension, and some fabric scraps for character and give it a little more festive appeal.  Punched a fancy button through the fabric and adhered it all to the canvas with a little heart-throb of mine…E-6000.

“Simplify-ed Word art is a nice gift to offer some inspiration words to friends family, maybe even a new idea from the monotonous teacher gifts…all within $10.


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“Back” to School Vintage Decor {Back to School Blog Bash Day 1}

To kick things off for the Back to school Blog Bash, I thought showcase a little vintage school inspiration.

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I’d I’ve been on a vintage kick lately and thought that a little “Back” to school Vignette would get me in the groove as we prepare over the next 2 weeks (in Wisconsin school starts Sept. 1).  Here is a collection of “stuff” that I have displayed to get me into the idea of school starting.  I tried to reflect on when I liked going to school most…what elementary kid doesn’t like going to school?!

I started with a old kids chair painted cherry red and 2 soda crates, filled in with some old books…

I compiled all the random school supplies that I had around the house (Pencils, chalk, glue, used crayons, paint brushes)

Luckily I’ve been on a DIY chalkboard binge, which seemed appropriate for when I was in elementary school. (We don’t need to discuss how vintage that was!)

I found a collection of blocks and was able to pull off “Learn” (almost, a sideways “Z” works as an “N,” don’t you think?) then filled in areas that needed a little more something.  I also placed the random school supplies in various glass or metal jars to help create the vintage mood.  All atop a remnant of burlap, because why not?!

When I though everything was done I realized I needed just a little something more.  Can you figure out what it is by looking at this picture?

Any guesses?!

This is the first day of the Back to School Blog Bash.  Make sure to come back each day and follow many guest bloggers through 2 weeks of tips, tricks and creative ideas to make this back to school transition a little less painful on us!
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Have your own project to showcase- make sure to link it us to the “Back to School Blog Bash” Linky Party and check out even more amazing ideas!

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