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Secure and recharge

Our beloved first child (our dog) happens to LOVE bread.  When we leave, he finds a way to get all the bread an eat it.

(How can you get mad at this face)?!?! He’s a pure bred Weimaraner if you’re curious, whose can rest his head on a “normal” sized dining room table.

My husband came up with a solution, that not only secures the bread from the dog…it also helps to store the toaster and also serves as a recharge station for all of our cell phones, iPods, iPads, etc. every night.  This is one of my husband’s favorite projects. You may have already seen this here.

To appreciate this here’s what our little kitchen corner looked like before.  A useless spice rack (since I store all of my spices in the cupboard), weird empty space, and a smorgasboard of cords.  One of my BIGGEST pet peaves is having cords showing! Have I also mentioned that I like the spaces in my home to be not only pretty but functional whenever possible.

Here’s the inside- deep enough for house the toaster freeing up some space on one of my two pantry shelves.  It’s also wide enough for several different bread products.

You can kind of see how he made it above.  The door is made by “a bunch” (real technical, I know?!?) of thin wood slats glued to a piece of canvas.  There is a curved groove on the sides that the door travels up and down in.  There is a small open space in the back to allow the board from the toaster to pass through.

The top shelf has little slits in the back to fit our cell phone and iPod charging cords, with felt glued to the back to hold them in place.  I love that our phone and iPod have a place to rest peacefully each night to recharge without 17 cords spread out throughout the house!

This is just one more example of how I can tell the handy husband an idea of something I want, and he brings that idea to life!


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Thrive’s Wall Pockets {Back to School Blog Bash-Day 8}

Today I bring you a tutorial from Choose to Thrive and these handy Wall Pockets made from cardboard. We all need a little order in our lives, some of us might need a lot of order, don’t worry I won’t point fingers!  I chose this to feature on my last day because this would make a great way to track each child’s “stuff”…schedules, homework calendar, notes, you get the drill.

Hard to believe this was made from these simple supplies

There are many steps involved, where it might just be easiest to stop by THRIVE and check out  the full tutorial for your self!  She also provided a link to download her pattern...gotta love that!

Thanks to Nike and all the guest bloggers for sharing inspiring ways to make the back to school transition a little easier on all of us.  Good Luck 🙂

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Operation Organization from Somewhat Simple {Back to School Blog Bash- Day 5}

The thorn in my side of anything related to back to school is all the STUFF! The papers that come home, the artwork, the writing samples…they all somehow end up in a pile, then into a box to save for later, ultimately I forget about them and I have 20 boxes of papers to go through next summer, or worse yet, your mom brings over bins when you are 30 filled with of 15 years of school stuff for your reading pleasure (love you mom)! Stephanie from Somewhat Simple offers a great suggestion that is both cute and functional (girl after my own heart).

School is starting soon, and that means all those cute papers, projects and awards you little ones bring home will need a place to stay without getting crumpled or spilled on by tomorrows bowl of cereal!
Up until yesterday, all of Ethan’ s stuff was at least stashed in an expanding file folder, but then I saw Becca’s idea, and I was sold!
I made one box for each of my kids- each box has a file folder for each grade. These boxes are durable and can stack on top of each other or fit nicely in a corner on the top shelf in a closet to save space.
And they are super cute-
…So am I. Better yet, put the responsibility on the older kids to go through at the end of each year to decide their 5 most-favorite things in that folder for that school year. Looking for more ideas, or have some of your own ideas to share? Check out the Back to School Blog Bash!
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