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Project 2012- LOVE story package giveaway!

Much of my life is a juggling act, and so new year’s resolutions  just aren’t something I do.  Not that I don’t have goals, ideas, or one massive and ever-growing list of things I want “to-do,” just seems as I’ll be on track to cross off about 20 things off the list, and then BAM-something like a baby decides to show her beautiful face.  Or as the case was in 2011, it was time for the long-procrastnated-and-very-much-needed-shoulder-surgery.  Turns out a complete overhaul on your dominant shoulder sets you back a few months.  The mad rush of projects that got done the week before surgery was pretty much amazing, but then floundering through 4 months of therapy and recognizing what would never be again changed my outlook on a few things.

Looking ahead I have a few ideals that I’m kicking into action this month, with hopes to get as much done before April as possible.  I have decided that 2012 is going to be my year of “Intentional Living.”  What does that mean?  For me, it means I’m going to be much more deliberate in choosing projects that fit into our life so I can balance the life of a working mother.  It means I need to decide what my employment options really are. Blogging is my sanity, not my job.  I inspire to create and share and if I make a few dollars (literally $3) it adds a smile to my face, because truly this blog is my inspiration to Foster a Creative Life, without creative projects to “play” with, I feel drab and boring.  Even the husband appreciates my inspiration to switch things up and try some pretty creative projects.  I’m just fortunate that I have the vision and he has many handy skills to help make my ideas a reality!  My REAL job is one big question…the time, the politics, the workload never seem to lighten the stress load on a working mother.  Adding another child in April won’t make life easier, and it’s not feasible for our household to operate on one income (yet).  Currently I’m exploring what options and opportunities are available- and I’ll just leave it at that for now.

Which brings me to MY Business.  In 2011, I started Little-d-Tales LLC {Photography and Design} and have fallen in love with the work I do….and I totally didn’t mean for that to come across as conceited and arrogant, so forgive me if that’s how you read it.  I’ve decided to launch a few major projects as part of my Intentional Living aspirations for 2012.  The first is a LOVE Story package.  The vision of my business is to help capture the moments that create the stories of your life.  That means the entire story from shoot to publication, all custom design around your comforts, desires and stories.  Just yesterday I announced that I am GIVING away a Love Story Package to a deserving couple/family ($600 value).  To see all the details and application, click on the button below.

LoveStory button

If you would please share with others I would greatly appreciate it.   I truly want to offer something meaningful to a family/couple who would like their story documented.  While I’m located in Wisconsin (yes one of 7 creative bloggers in the Midwest) I would be willing to negotiate travel for the right applicant!

Stay tuned…lots of intentional living projects to Foster a Creative life in the works 🙂


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