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How to hang straight pictures

Now, I know this might seem like a silly post, but I have found a simple way to fix those crooked pictures!  You see I have a gallery wall in the basement. That same wall is also is home to 2 doors into storage areas that are used daily.  Every time the doors open and close another picture tilts, and it drives me bonkers.  Similar scenario in the bathroom, so I found a quick and easy way to cheat.  It’s kind of my little secret and have since done away with hammer and nails completely to hang small items on the wall.  Want to know if it really works?  Here’s a sample of a recent wall hanging frustration made better.

The trick is these handy dandy 3M strips

Simply put them on the back of the picture.  The remove easily without wrecking the wall or your picture.  No measuring, no crazy nail holes all over your walls.  Simply attach them in a hidden place on the back of whatever you want to hang.

Take off the paper backing and place it on the wall. If you make a mistake you can always remove without leaving a mark! It’s pretty nifty.  Not to mention my husband loves that I’m not leaving nail holes all over the house every time I change my mind.  Less to patch up later 🙂  I believe each tab can hold up to 15 lbs.  I’ve used them to hang garland (with the clips) around windows and some metal art on the gallery wall with success.

Hope you find this little tip handy.  Best of all, the 3M strips are pretty cheap.  Michael’s sells them for less than $10 for a pack of 48.  Add a 40% off coupon in there and you should be set for a while.  Let me know if you try.  I’d also like to hear what other tricks you might use to hang pictures or use these little adhesive strips for. Do Share!


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