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May Review

Since there is 17 minutes left to May 2012 (it will actually be June by the time I post this) I thought I’d blog-lift an idea from Maryann @ Domestically Speaking who did a month in review.  While I didn’t feel overly productive this month, I realized that there were several tutorials and a few fun project this month.  By the way, if you don’t follow or haven’t checked out Maryann’s work…you are going to want to hop over there.  She’s my burlap inspiration, and I’ve peppered my pinterest with many of her projects 🙂  I digress.  So, May 2012 looked a bit like this at Fostering a Creative Life…

We kicked off the month with a tulle flower tutorial

which might be the easiest accessory I’ve ever made.  You might see some versions of this in future posts, just sayin’ is all!
Then there was the tissue paper wall art which utilized a long lost technique that I have since remembered.

Grateful to finally have something on the walls in my bathroom!
It helps if you hang them straight…thanks to 3M for this handy trick to take care of this problem every time the closet door opens.

Getting back to some fun infant girl accessories.  One of my more popular posts was when  I repurposed a white t-shirt to make this headband with a little help from Ashley @ Make it & Love it (The goddess of all things sewing and fabric. I loathe and envy sewing, yet she makes it look so dang easy- no pun intended).

and finally a few tips on how to clean and preserve your wedding gown.  We pay enough for the wedding, no need to spend a fortune on cleaning your gown.

You will learn the motivation behind why I cleaned my gown on Sunday as I unveil one of my scariest projects yet. You can also expect a tutorial for this summer essential

Hope to see you around.


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