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Operation Organization from Somewhat Simple {Back to School Blog Bash- Day 5}

The thorn in my side of anything related to back to school is all the STUFF! The papers that come home, the artwork, the writing samples…they all somehow end up in a pile, then into a box to save for later, ultimately I forget about them and I have 20 boxes of papers to go through next summer, or worse yet, your mom brings over bins when you are 30 filled with of 15 years of school stuff for your reading pleasure (love you mom)! Stephanie from Somewhat Simple offers a great suggestion that is both cute and functional (girl after my own heart).

School is starting soon, and that means all those cute papers, projects and awards you little ones bring home will need a place to stay without getting crumpled or spilled on by tomorrows bowl of cereal!
Up until yesterday, all of Ethan’ s stuff was at least stashed in an expanding file folder, but then I saw Becca’s idea, and I was sold!
I made one box for each of my kids- each box has a file folder for each grade. These boxes are durable and can stack on top of each other or fit nicely in a corner on the top shelf in a closet to save space.
And they are super cute-
…So am I. Better yet, put the responsibility on the older kids to go through at the end of each year to decide their 5 most-favorite things in that folder for that school year. Looking for more ideas, or have some of your own ideas to share? Check out the Back to School Blog Bash!
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