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Non-traditional Nursery wall art

Since finding out we are having a girl (due in 3 weeks) we decided to transform the “red” room previously guest room into the nursery.  In order to prevent a divorce, the husband and I agreed that we would not attempt to re-paint the Vatican Red (Behr) walls.  And the Damask inspired Black and White look would work.  It’s not your traditional nursery decor, but it’s what I wanted.  No sense arguing with a pregnant woman!

If you remember my little “pretty” storage post you’ll remember the unique character of our old home, with fun hardware like this…

And little built-ins for some creative storage ideas…

These fun elements helped shape the inspiration for the wall art above the crib.  Keeping with the Black and White damask theme I picked up a few fabric remnants from Jo-Ann fabrics and various sized embroidery hoops.  The 2-second project was complete after I tightened the screws and cut some fabric to fit the embroidery hoop size.

Next I picked up a number of small plates- enough for each letter of her name. And purchased some Disc Hangers on Amazon.  These disc hangers were a fuzzy little dream of mine for a long time and having been longing to hang some plates on my walls.  Simply clean the backs of your plates really well and let dry.

Then add some water to the back side of the disc hangers and smudge it around with your finger to get it good and gooey.  Hard to see the “gooey-ness” in this picture, but they definitely get a tacky feel to them.  Just be careful not to rub the glue right off.

Adhere to the back of your plate (or have your husband do it so you can capture the picture for your blog) and let dry for 12 hours.

Combine all these pretties together on your wall for some fun non-traditional nursery wall art on the cheap.

You’ll have to come back and see her name and meet her in a few weeks 🙂


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