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Clip on Curtains- Big Boy Room phase 3

Still working on some finishing touches for Little Man’s Big Boy Room. You may remember the Barn Board Accent Wall and painting the walls.

Then there was the Big Boy Dresser makeover.

And finally the DIY Spice Rack bookshelves.  Which could be considered the start to phase 3…Big Boy Room Accessories.  But this will be a long phase so I’ll break it up with a few posts before the final room reveal.

I’m finally getting to the point of some finishing touches, and am hoping for the entire room reveal soon.  Today I’ll feature the curtains.  If you notice in the first picture the bright green valance really wasn’t working with the new color scheme.  Keeping with the blues, greys, and reds I opted I picked up some off-white and navy striped fabric on sale at JoAnn’s.  I bought 3 yards but only used about 1 1/2 yards total.  (I also made 3 valances and really only needed 2).  To start I laid out the fabric width-wise.  I wanted the stripes to be vertical so I needed to cut my fabric into equal lengths.  Luckily I have a very large dining room table.  I cute the fabric into 3 strips of 18 inches each.  I was planning on a 15″ curtain which gave me a little flexibility for a 1″ hem on top and bottom.

I added a 5/8″ hem on both sides after cutting. using a standard straight stitch.

The I ironed the entire fabric, pinned and steamed the fold to create the 1″ top and bottom hem.  Since I was planning to use clips, as I had in the past, I didn’t need to create the slot for the curtain rod to slide through.

And now in real-time, in the room and hanging…

The clips were placed 10″ apart with a 1″ overlap for the pleated fold.  The clips are places over the fold and stretched out on the rod so none of the curtain buckles.  The trick, that I kept forgetting about, with the clips is to make sure they are all facing the same direction so you get the curtain to hang properly.

Now, I need to get some wall art done and we should be set for a room reveal 🙂


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