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Spring Fever!

Based on the weather in Wisconsin, you’d think we bypassed Spring and went straight to summer.  We’ve had 80 degree days in March.  We have literally spent every free minute outside playing and working knowing that, in Wisconsin, there is always a snow storm lingering around the corner.  All this fun in the sun (hard to believe I’m saying this in March) really took my attention away from the decor inside the home.   The evergreens just weren’t the right green for St. Patrick’s day, especially when it was 80 degrees.  If snowmen could talk, I would’ve had quite the scolding from my display.  I quickly decided something needed to be done. I scavanged through my supply of thrift shop stuff, and craft supplies and managed to pull together some fun decor more appropriate for the season!

I present the Spring Buffet (my version of the seasonal mantle)

Being that we’re expecting our little girl on Easter you could say I’m “nesting” with all this Spring fever….hahaha.  I know, that was lame!


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