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Frozen Sweet Tarts

We are not accustomed to hot and humid weather in Wisconsin.  Usually we are complaining that it’s too cold, and summer goes by too fast.  Today we had heat indexes of 105 degrees.  It’s so hot no one seems to even want to eat…that is until I made this refreshing treat.

Frozen Sweet Tarts

They are made with 4 ingredients and take 5 minutes to whip together.  Ready?

Frozen Yogurt (half of a quart…which would be a pint right?)
Frozen Juice (I used pink lemonade) 1 container
Cool Whip 1-8 oz container
Nilla Wafers

Set out the frozen yogurt and frozen juice on the counter until the sides are slightly melted and in the middle is somewhat soft.  Combine the frozen juice and frozen yogurt in a large mixing bowl.  Whip with mixer.  Add container of Cool Whip.  Continue mixing until smooth and creamy. Line a muffin tin with cupcake liners (I used the mini’s to make bite sized treats). Place a Nilla Wafer on the bottom of each cupcake liner, flat side down.

Place a heaping spoonful of the sweet tart mixture on top of the Nilla wafer until the cupcake tin is nearly full.  Place in the freezer for about an hour. *Note you can garnish with fresh fruit, but if you put the fruit on before placing in the freezer the fruit freezes and makes it harder to eat.  I suggest adding fresh fruit just before eating

When they are ready you simply open the freezer, grab a frozen sweet tart and pop it in your mouth.  They are such a refreshing treat.  They somehow revitalized my wilting family.  Just don’t let them sit out of the freezer too long, they will melt which makes it a little trickier to eat 😉

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Bloom into Summer

I CANNOT believe we are rounding out  June this week.  I guess it’s time to take down the Easter decor then huh!?! (no worries, I took it down 2 weeks ago)

I might be the world’s worst gardener.  My thumbs are brown, however I happen to have a husband that manages to keep things alive so I’ll give him full credit for the blooms in our yard.

Purple Iris’ nearly 3 feet tall!

The azalea decided to bloom again after a few dormant summers.

I have no recollection of what these are …any one want to help a friend by identifying these pretty purplish perennial.  I planted from seed several years ago and they are the one happy dance I do every spring.

And the Pink Peony that never last long enough.  Because I feel like these take forever to burst into an amazing bloom, I captured the stage from bud to bloom.

Now that summer is in full bloom, I’ll be returning to my full-time job and life will be insane at least until mid-august at work.  I’m hoping to offer a post at least 2-3 times a week.  Based on my track second that isn’t always realistic, but I will try 🙂


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Secure and recharge

Our beloved first child (our dog) happens to LOVE bread.  When we leave, he finds a way to get all the bread an eat it.

(How can you get mad at this face)?!?! He’s a pure bred Weimaraner if you’re curious, whose can rest his head on a “normal” sized dining room table.

My husband came up with a solution, that not only secures the bread from the dog…it also helps to store the toaster and also serves as a recharge station for all of our cell phones, iPods, iPads, etc. every night.  This is one of my husband’s favorite projects. You may have already seen this here.

To appreciate this here’s what our little kitchen corner looked like before.  A useless spice rack (since I store all of my spices in the cupboard), weird empty space, and a smorgasboard of cords.  One of my BIGGEST pet peaves is having cords showing! Have I also mentioned that I like the spaces in my home to be not only pretty but functional whenever possible.

Here’s the inside- deep enough for house the toaster freeing up some space on one of my two pantry shelves.  It’s also wide enough for several different bread products.

You can kind of see how he made it above.  The door is made by “a bunch” (real technical, I know?!?) of thin wood slats glued to a piece of canvas.  There is a curved groove on the sides that the door travels up and down in.  There is a small open space in the back to allow the board from the toaster to pass through.

The top shelf has little slits in the back to fit our cell phone and iPod charging cords, with felt glued to the back to hold them in place.  I love that our phone and iPod have a place to rest peacefully each night to recharge without 17 cords spread out throughout the house!

This is just one more example of how I can tell the handy husband an idea of something I want, and he brings that idea to life!

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The “handy” Husband

Once upon a time there was a creative crafty kind of girl who had big ideas.  She married a very handy man who helped her ideas come to life.  Together they’d find a way to make projects work regardless how impossible they might seem.  They’d also raise 2 children (for now) and a dog, and genuinely enjoy life together.

While our life is not exactly a fairy tale every day, I’m pretty fortunate to have an amazing husband who does all the handyman work around the house.   With Father’s day coming next week I thought I’d dedicate some posts to showcase his work and highlight how fortunate we are to have such handy man in the house.

Believe it or not, you’ve seen him around, but often only from the elbow to the fingers, and sometimes the top of his head.  Such as when he poses for me to get a picture of him cutting MDF for the chalkboards

or placing Disc hangers on plates to hang on the wall for the nursery

You’ve also likely seen the top of his (shiny 🙂 ) head while I was catching some action shots to redo our son’s dresser

or his back as he installed barn board on our son’s wall.

These are just a few on the ways you’ve seen him helping me out.  Turns out he’s an amazing wood worker and DIY kind of guy too.  Stay tuned tomorrow to see how he completely transformed our basement, and throughout the week to see his amazing skills.

While I love the fact that my husband is a handy DIY kind of guy, it’d be shallow of me not to mention one my favorite things about my husband….the time he spends with our children!  He’s certainly an amazing dad and wonderful husband, and “handy” to have around (Ha, lame right?!)


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