Saturday inspired cupcakes

Last night at 11 PM I was in the cooking mood.  Inspired by the events of the weekend I opted to explore the idea of a Car Bomb cupcake.  On Friday night I celebrated my birthday with my family and my mom purchased some fancy, gourmet, pretty, over-priced cupcakes which leads me to Saturday, a festive night with a friend and our families which included an investigation to the contents of an Irish Car Bomb (which of course I had the answer right- guiness with 1/2 shot Jameson & 1/2 shot Bailey’s).  Sunday night I thought I’d compile the weekend events into something fabulous: a car bomb cupcake.

Disclaimer: I am about to share a recipe.  I borrowed from several.  BUT I don’t follow recipes all that well so this is my attempt to recreate what happened last night at 11:30 PM so that my friends and co-workers can find peace, and perhaps recreate the masterpiece they just swallowed.  Usually when I’m referencing a recipe I tend to just put all the ingredients into a bowl  in order, that is not how this recipe works.  So for those who are more like me than not, you’ll notice I bolded the ingredients within the recipe so you don’t make a mistake I likely would make!

Little-d-Tales: Fostering a Creative Life &emdash; carbomb cupcakes

Cupcake: Adopted from Brown-Eyed Baker
Turn on Oven to 350 degrees. Line 24 cupcake tins

Simmer 1 c. of Guiness beer with 3/4 C. of Cocoa (I used the regular Hershey’s cocoa).  Stir until blended together.
Note: Don’t taste this, it’s extremely bitter! Consider yourself warned.

Sperate Bowl: Blend  together with a hand mixer on med-low speed for 5 minutes. Continue to scrape the sides of the bowl, and continue mixing
1 C. room temperature butter
2 C. Flour,
2 C. White Sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

In a bigger (Seperate) Bowl: Whisk together
2 eggs and 1 C. Sour Cream (I was very close to subbing Vanilla yogurt?!)
slowly add the Guiness and cocoa mixture until smooth.
add the dough mixture and beat with the mixer on medium for several minutes.  The batter should get really creamy and fluffy consistency.  This does taste good.  Consider yourself warned!

Scoop into cupcakes (about 3/4 full) bake for 17 minutes or until toothpick test is clean.

Bailey’s Frosting
Cream 1 lb of room temperature butter (yes, 4 sticks! I was going to try subsisting cream cheese, but honestly I was to tired to figure that out by this point)
Add 6 T. of Bailey’s Irish Cream (use the cheap stuff, no one will REALLY know and for the price it’s really not worth satisfying the high class tastebuds)  Might as well take a pull off the bottle, there’s no judgement here!
Most frosting recipes call for powdered sugar, but frankly powdered sugar leaves a funky film in my mouth so I do half powdered sugar, and half white sugar.  I add sugar until it gets thick enough to decorate, creamy but not firm.  (I would guess this was about 4 Cups combined).

Add frosting to a frosting bag (or ziploc bag and cut the corner off)

After the cupcakes cool…It’s important they cool or the frosting melts and makes a mess! Put a frosting swirly on the cupcake.  If you choose to add a little sugar sprinkle or edible glitter to make it look fancy, let your heart flutter.

By this time you might be noticing that If this were a true carbomb there’d be Irish Whisky.  Well I don’t like whiskey and I can’t garauntee that my 3-year-old  and 11-month-old wouldn’t steal a bite, so I tried to lay low on the liquor!

Eat any that you screwed up.  There is really no need to leave evidence of imperfection.  Charge your friends $3 a cupcake and you just started yourself a new business…or take them all to work, liquor your colleagues up enough to make them like you and your ridiculous ideas! Or feed it to your husband for breakfast.  He’d reflect on the last time he had a beer and cupcake for breakfast which will make him smile (or potentially vomit in his mouth).

Hope you enjoy.  Have fun pretending your Irish.  If you feel the need to add green, put sugar on top.


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