Duct tape beach bag {no sew tutorial}

As the calendar flips over to June, I start thinking about heading to the beach with the family.  One of my favorite things I’ve made thus far, and an essential summer must have, is a Duct tape beach bag that I designed and created last summer.  The inspiration for the project came after one of our window screens needed to be replaced, and I just can’t throw ANYTHING away.  I was in need of a beach bag.  I got thinking if I used screen, maybe there would be less sand in the bag (one downfall of the beach…I hate how sand gets into everything at the beach).  I also thought I could make a BIG bag, a as there never seems to be a bag big enough.  I created several different sizes.  The medium bag

and the Extra Large bag

Lucky for you, I’m featuring a tutorial for you to make your own.
Roll of Window Screen
3 rolls of pretty duct tape (available in lots of different colors and designs)
cardboard (or other hard material to reinforce the bottom of the bag)

1. To start you need to decide how long the straps should be.  I’m pretty tall so I wanted some crazy long straps so I could cross it over my chest and carry it (since there is usually a kid on each hip).  An easy way to determine your sizes are to take a tape measure (sewing kind) and hang over your should the way you would carry a beach bag.  Now add an inch to both ends (to allow space to attach to the beach bag).  This is the measurement for your straps . Cut a strip of screen that length, by 2 inches, then 2 strips of Duct tape the same length (double it for 2 straps)

2. Place one piece of duct tape  halfway over the screen (about 1 inch in)

3. Then fold over.  Repeat steps 1-3 for the second strap.

4. (Optional) Add a layer of tape over each side of the strap (I’ve made both with and without this step and both straps are durable).

5. Now onto the bag portion of your bag.  The front and back of the bag are made from window screen.  You’ll need 2 pieces of screen the same dimensions.  For each piece you are going to run a piece of Duct tape around each edge of the screen and fold over ( pretend you are making a 1 inch hem around the outside edges of the screen)

6. On both the inside and outside of each screen and a strip of tape on which ever side will be the top of the bag.  This strip will be to attach the straps to.

7. On the side of the screen that will be the “inside” of the bag I placed the straps about 2 inches from the side edge of the bag. To attach the straps I placed a small piece of tape on the ends of each strap just to place it on the bag.

8. Then I ran a strip of tape go over the top of both straps all the way to the edge of the front panel.  When attaching layers, I always tried to go around the edge and fold over for added durability to make sure the tape didn’t peel with excessive use.

Repeat steps 5-8 with the other piece of screen to make the other panel of the bag.

9. The next step is similar for both the bottom and each side panel.  The bottom and both side are made with Duct tape (no screen).  Start with the bottom.  Typing this tutorial is getting tricky because there are so many  lengths, widths, and depths to think about.  For these next 3 sections, the length of the bottom is equal to the measurement across the top of the screen panel (where straps are attached). Cut strips of tape the length of the bag.  Overlap the tape each time by 1/2 inch.  Repeat this until the bottom panel of tape is 6 inches wide. (or however wide apart you’d like the front from the back).  The width will be the same measurement for the bottom and both sides.

10.  Place both front and back screen panels on either side of the bottom panel of tape.  If your bottom panel is taped to a counter top or other surface remove it to place over the edge of the front and back screen panels.  Run a strip of tape to both edge to keep the panel in place.  (Ignore the fact that both screen panels don’t have tape around the edges in this next picture.  I forgot step 8 when I was taking these pictures.)

11.  Flip over and place a piece of cardboard to cover the duct tape bottom panel.  The cardboard will be placed on the inside of the bag and help to reinforce the bottom of the bag.

12. Repeat the step 9 by layering tape over the cardboard to create the inside bottom of the bag.

13. Run a strip of tape down each side from end to end and fold over.

14.  The sides are really tricky.  Keep the front and back panels flat so the top are on opposite ends, with the outside of the bag facing up.  Run 3 strips of tape and  layering 1/2 inch (similar to step 9), but this time run it the entire depth of both the front and back panels. (I’m not sure why my bag is flipped over in this picture.  The sticky side can remain facing down).

15.  Similar to step 9, cut strips the depth of the front panel.  The depth measurement is the measurement along the side of the screen which will be how deep the bag is when it’s on your shoulder.  Again, overlap the tape strips 1/2 inch until the side panel is 6 inches wide.  Flip over the entire bag and repeat to cover the sticky side of the tape.  WARNING: Duct tape sticks to itself really well.  You might want someone to help you place the layer over the sticky side so you don’t crinkle your side panel.

16.  You’ll need an extra set of hand for the next few steps.  Lift the bag so the top of the front and top of the back are lined up.  Line up the side 6 inch side panel of tape with the outside edge of the opposite panel (remember the long strips of tape that you have from step 14.  Line the double sided panel up inside the sticky edge of the tape on opposite panel). Fold the sticky side of the tape over the double side panel to attach the front to the back.

17.  Fold the bottom edge of the side panel (like you are wrapping a present) up toward the side of the bag and run a horizontal piece of tape.

I ran a few vertical strips of tape down the sides of the bag after everything was attached just to help secure the tape and prevent any splitting or tape edges from rolling.

Repeat steps  15-17 for the other side panel and you should have one fabulous beach bag.

I know this sounds a bit tricky, but I swear it’s really not that bad!  Good luck.  You’ll love the Duct Tape beach bag with screen panels! Not only is it super cool, the sand sifts it’s way OUT of your bag, and it’s pretty durable (what can’t duct tape fix)?!

If you have any questions along the way feel free to email me!

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6 responses to “Duct tape beach bag {no sew tutorial}

  1. WOW. This bag tutorial is great. I LOVE IT. I’m your newest email-follower.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. BRAVO! What a fabulous project! I love the amazing colors you used, too!
    ❤ Christina
    Wildly Original Linky Party is open!

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  6. Katelyn

    U didn’t make this up well maybe the duct tape part but not the screen just look it up. This bag is still cool though

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