Linen Closet {orgnaization}

Remember the old school days when people emailed you ideas or tricks…you know before pinterest. This next trick was one of those archived ideas that I finally put to good use.

With 3 different sized beds in our house, organizing the linen closet has been a bit frustrating.  Somehow, despite my best efforts to have a variety of color, all the sheets in our house seem to be either white/off-white/cream or some similar variation.  There is nothing more frustrating than remembering at 10 PM that you need to make the bed and have to pull out all the sheets to determine which ones fit which bed.

Hence my Wednesday organizing tip…. fold all of the sheets that belong together inside one of the pillow cases.

It took me a little while, but I figured out a way to fold the sheets to fit into half of the pillow case and fold the pillow case over.  The queen and double sheets are now on the right side, and twin sheets in a pile on the left side of the shelf.  No more scrounging through piles to determine which pillow case matches which sheets, and which sheets match which bed!

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