For the LOVE of coloring {Kid’s Valentine}

Nothing like a little pintrest inspiration for a fun kid’s Valentine’s day project.

Multi-colored Heart shaped crayons

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

Just like it looks.  I took a cheap box of crayons, took off the labels, chopped them up and placed in silicone heart-shaped ice-cube trays (they were in the $1 section at target and were much smaller than the cupcake heart shaped muffin tins!)

I had to bake @ 250 for almost 20 minutes to get them completely melted.  Also note, these trays are nearly impossible to get clean.  Might want to consider some “craft pans” for fun projects like this!

Some turned out prettier than others.  Let them cool for several hours before attempting to remove from trays (I let them set overnight).

Sorry no picture of the final product.  Circle punched card stock and wrote “Color your Heart out” and gave with a Valentine’s Coloring book ($1. @ JoAnn Fabric’s)


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