Announcement: a week of “organization” posts

Let me start by saying the topic of “organization” makes me break out in a sweat and feverishly look for something else to do.  Why?  Because I feel like there is never an end in sight. In our household, it’s likely that I’ll put hours and hours of work into something that will be null and void 2 weeks later.  Lastly, lost of the fun and trendy organization trends require a lot of space..I don’t have a walk-in pantry, a foyer/mudroom, or even a designated laundry room.  So while others are sharing fun little posts like these… (all sources via pinterest)

Exhibit A: Delovely Pantry with crates, and containers.
Enter my corner built-in lazy Susan and few cupboards that are just deep enough for cereal boxes.  By the way, why does every organized pantry seem to have an abundance of V8?  Maybe that’s my problem?!

Source: brownpaper– via Jessica on Pinterest

Exhibit B: An organized entrance where everyone has a place to put their “stuff,” hang their coats, drop their shoes.  Enter my back door (which is the only door used by anyone coming to/from our house) which opens directly into the kitchen with no space for anything.  Shoes, coats, stuff ends up on in the kitchen somewhere.  It seems so un-hospitalable for me to ask people to leave everything outside!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Exhibit C: A functional laundry room.  Did I mention that my Laundry Room/bathroom is directly off the kitchen.  It’s the only bathroom on the first floor…hence piles of laundry waiting to be washed are in perfect view for any guest entering our house!

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

For me organization methods need to be practical, simple and realistic.  While the idea of a completely organized house isn’t the realm of my existence, I would love to see just a little less clutter.  Sterile is not the desired outcome, so if you are OCD or overtly organized you might cringe at the “before” pictures I’ll be posting.

This week (Monday through Friday) I’m featuring a different organization tip each day that we have instituted in our household.

Stay tuned.



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