Hardware Wall Art

About 7 years ago I started creating a gallery wall in the man-cave family room basement (which was the 2010-2011 winter project).  This weekend, with the husband’s assistance and motivation we got around to adding a few elements to it.

As you’ll notice from the colors and decor, the entire basement was based around one of my husband’s passions: his Harley.  In the gallery wall I wanted to utilize some hardware pieces to help pull the concept together.  Thanks to my discovery of 3M Command Picture Hanging strips, this vision came together in all of about 30 minutes.

First I gathered some Harley Davidson hardware (provided by my husband) and a black 12×12 canvas that I had picked up on one of 312 40% off coupon experiences at Michael’s.

Then I added peel and stick 3M command strips to several areas on the back of the hardware.

One by one, I peeled off the “wall side” sicker and attached it to its location on the 12×12 black canvas and held firmly in place for 30-60 seconds.

To see the hardware canvas in context to the rest of the wall (thus far)…

stay tuned for parts 2, 3, and 4 to the gallery wall coming this week 🙂



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