Pretty Pedestals

This next project is so versatile it can be used a zillion different ways over the holidays (and throughout the year).  DIY glassware pedestals are as easy as gluing 2 pieces together and calling it done!  I’m showcasing some DIY apothecary jars, however I’ve also made tiered food stands and storage bins too by using plates and candle holders.  Who doesn’t need more space on their holiday table?!?

To get started you’ll need a stand, some super tough adhesive (E-6000), and something to put on the stand.
Typically I scour thrift stores and garage sales for candle stands, glass vases, and dishes…but maybe you are a little more creative.

Add a thin layer of super-strong adhesive (i.e. E-6000) and add the top vase/plate/etc.  Then let set for 24 hours to ensure a good grip 🙂
Your results…

pedestal vases of various heights:

Raised candy dish:

Cake stand (on the left- with upside down crystal vase and plate)

Storage solution for craft supplies:

The possibilities are endless.  Enjoy the putting the finishing touches on your holiday decor as we wind down to the last week until Christmas.



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2 responses to “Pretty Pedestals

  1. These are fantastic. Thank you for sharing this awesome idea. Your Christmas displays are beautiful…..I’ve been lurking through your blog and am enjoying what I see 🙂

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