Priceless gift {Memory Jar}

There comes a point with certain people who gift-giving becomes very difficult. They don’t need anything, you feel like picture or heartfelt gifts don’t seem like enough for all they do. Enter the Memory Jar Homemade gift. Think of the memory jar as a scrapbook in a jar (just to note the pictures I am sharing are from the same type of project, but for special dates with Grandma).

As a family we came up with over 52 memories and either typed them or wrote them on sheets of paper. Some were stories, or sayings that would make us laugh, some were personal memories shared and signed by that individual. Each one was unique. The idea was that grandma would have at least 1 memory to reflect on each week for a year. There are many variations to this project so feel free to let your creativity flow.

To start, I typed up all of the memories shared, printed them on different colored paper.  If I were to do this over, I would format the document into bigger text boxes so I could include some pictures or a personal piece of artwork on the backside. I also left a few blank spaces for her to write down her favorite memories for the year.  We have even talked about having this be our after dinner game- to review all the memories in the jar and then as a group think of additional ones to add.

I found a tin with a lid at a thrift store and spray painted it White (Rustoleum Heirloom White to be exact). When it was dry I glued some festive ribbon on it to dress it up a little.

I cut up the memories into individual sheets so she could pick one at a time.  Simply put all the memory slips into the tin and create a cute little title for the lid.

As I stated earlier, this particular was from a grandchild who lives close and was made with lots of activities to do with grandma.  Our title was simply grandma’s memory jar!

It’s a priceless gift that you can make on the cheap.  Trust me, we had so much fun, not just making it, but going through all the memories she’s pulled since we last visited.  It’s almost become a memory-maker of it’s own!

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  1. What a fantastic gift idea 🙂 The people in our lives are what make the holidays fun. This is a truly great way of letting those we love know how they add spice to our lives. AWESOME!


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