Christmas Mantel

disclaimer: My mantel was actually the buffet in my dining room for several years.  Now that I actually have a mantel in the basement I can’t give up my buffet for seasonal vignettes of decor. Also note that I’m not QUITE finished with this one yet as I have a few more “real” natural elements to add to complete the look.

Each year I try to have a theme to my mantel.  I had an image nagging in my mind of this Christmas Mantel from Just a Girl posted last year.

recognize that wreath?  I love the white with the greenery- festive but simple.

While at a garage sale this summer I happened upon an all white nativity set and I fell in love with it.  It would set the stage for this simple yet focal point in my holiday decor.  My dining room is the gathering place in our house and I often look for a way to tell a story through my decor.  This nativity set was just the focal point I was looking for to keep the reason for the season in the forfront of our holiday celebrations.

I added a burlap scrap to act as the hay and stable area, and an antique wooden box as the stable.

I added some garland behind the scene to make the figures stand out more.  I am also adding some pine boughs to the metal tins and some dogwood branches and twigs to the garland to add a more natural look to it.

I know what your thinking…um Heidi, this looks nothing like your inspiration mantle from Just a Girl.  If you can appreciate the natural, simple look of garland with white accents you’ll understand just how my brain operates!



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3 responses to “Christmas Mantel

  1. I appreciate it, Heidi, and I think it looks fantastic! Beautifully done!

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