Light up the Holidays {accessorize your candles}

Here’s a fun way to spruce up some simple dollar candles into something brighter for the holidays.

Grab some plain old boring candles and an assortment of pretty paper, old book pages, sheet music, fabric, what-ever fits your fancy. Then throw in some fun twine, ribbon or wire and maybe a few random embellishments.  Spread a bit of Modge Podge onto your candle with a foam brush.

Place the paper or fabric over the Modge Podge and smooth out with the foam brush.  For some papers you’ll want to add a layer of modge podge over the top and sides of paper to smooth it out.
Then take your ribbon, twine, or what ever else you have in mind and wrap over the paper and tie it.  For some of the heavier wire I wrapped it, then also added a few dots of E-6000 or another strong adhesive that would encourage it to stay put.

Display proudly.  Nothing light a winter evening lit by candles with the soft hum of Silent Night playing in the background!



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4 responses to “Light up the Holidays {accessorize your candles}

  1. That’s a great idea! Inexpensive Christmas decor in a blink.

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  3. I agree that a house that comes thgetoer over time is always better! Your wall art looks great!!

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