Boa Wreath for all Seasons

Hopefully by now you’ve realized that I like to showcase SIMPLE projects.  Well, I also like things that are thrifty and versatile.  The Boa Wreath is potentially the most elegant looking thing in my house right now, and it doesn’t show a spec of dust.  It’s also very easy to change out for the other seasons. It’s a win-win-win in my book!

For this project you’ll need at least 5 Boas, a straw or white styrofoam wreath, and a few stick pins.

Because I wanted a bit of an elegant look, I went with the furry looking (6 ft) boas. As with everything else, these things always go on sale at Hobby Lobby – never pay full price 🙂
I like a real full looking wreath so I used 6 boas to fully cover the wreath.  I would recommend if you are using white to use the styrofoam wreath instead of the straw wreath, it won’t show through as easily and it’s less of a mess to clean up.  I was only thinking of the thrift, and already had a few straw wreaths lying around!

To start stick a pin through one of the rope ends of the boa into the wreath.  This will be the back of your wreath so note the location so future boas begin and end “out of sight.”

Then you simply wrap the boas around the wreath until it’s completely covered.

Add a cute little bow to your likely and you have the most beautiful wreath EVER.  Granted your house might look like you just plucked a chicken from the coop with all the feather and straw littered about..nothing a quick broom and dust pan can’t fix.  Or if your my son this allows for endless entertainment trying to catch all the feathers on the floor!

You can always use this as a fancy ring to a centerpiece (I’ve used these for decorating winter weddings) and are easy to change out for the other seasons.  Need proof?  Here’s  same wreath 30 days earlier!

Need more Homemade Holiday inspiration?  Fostering a Creative Life will be hosting the Countdown to Christmas homemade series until December 23rd.  Hope to see you again soon 🙂

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2 responses to “Boa Wreath for all Seasons

  1. Your wreath looks wonderful! I’m loving the fluffy goodness. (I like using boas in projects–it’s just hard finding the right color at the right price. My Hobby Lobby is usually low on black and white boas but has plenty of Big Bird yellow.)

    • I totally understand the challenge in finding good colors for boa usage! Big Bird Yellow would be perfect for a kid’s birthday party…or maybe a Easter. I once bought red boas and when I got them home they were a cross between hot pink, orange and red- not quite the look I was going for.

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