Comfort & Joy {DIY Holiday Sign}

Let’s just start this series by saying I love Christmas and Winter. Full confession being made, I also LOVE to surround myself with reminders of the holiday spirit.  This first project is a super simple sign using an old picture frame, fabric, cardstock paper, and die-cut letters and shapes (or stencils work too).

1. Find a Frame (this is a $1 thrift store 8×10 frame)

2.  Find a scrap of fabric that fits the mood of your decor.  If you’re lacking fabric scraps, hit up the remnant section of your local craft/fabric store. Use the cardboard back from the frame as your guide for cutting.  I leave about 1/4 inch extra all the way around to make sure it’s not too short.

3.  Choose your saying and cut it out of cardstock.

4. Display the cardstock words on the fabric.  Place the glass from the frame over the fabric and word.  Holding the glass and fabric tightly flip over the glass into the back of the frame.  Secure the cardboard back of the frame and secure tightly.

That’s it!  Display proudly.Very little mess to clean up, no glue, no glitter…super simple sign 🙂

Come back tomorrow ( and for the next month) for more Homemade Holiday ideas as Fostering a creative Life hosts the…

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