Chalk one up! {Repurposed Picture Frames}

Before I begin let me just say that I realize this idea has been around the block, but I’m still in love with old-fashioned chalkboards.    Over the past year I have probably made about 20 more chalkboards of all shapes and sizes to add something simple to my seasonal decor.  In case you haven’t noticed, nearly all of my seasonal decor include chalkboards.  I’ve even used them for Photography props in children’s and family shoots. The possibilities are endless.  At less $5 a chalkboard, how can you resist the temptation to fill every crevice?!?!

To begin a few supplies you’ll want to scrounge up:
-picture Frames of various shapes and sizes (thrift stores and garage sales are great hotspots for these)
-Assortment of Acrylic paints
-Can of Chalkboard paint
-Foam brush or roller
– Small sheet of hardboard (available at most hardware stores)
– saw (the husband used a skilsaw)
-studly husband: optional

1.  I started by taking the glass and any artwork out of the frame so just the frame skeleton was exposed. Paint the frame with desired acrylic colors.

Note: my first attempt I thought I could just paint the glass with the chalkboard paint- hence the glass and artwork still in frame.  I wouldn’t recommend it.  The chalkboard paint doesn’t adhere as well to the glass. I had challenges with smudged, inconsistent coverage, and chipping once it was dry.  It’s worth the small investment in the hardboard.

2.  Measure frame opening then cut hardboard to fit.

3. Using foam roller or brush (roller preferred) paint hardboard piece or pieces with chalkboard paint.  Takes 2-3 coats with sufficient dry time in between.

4.  Place hardboard in painted picture frame.  In some cases you may need to add picture frame hardware to the back of your newly created chalkboard.

5.  Add messages and or other accents to add some spunk to your decor.

Best part is these babies are versatile.  You can change the sayings for each season

For this one, I added a vinyl flourish and placed in our kitchen.  Initially it served as our menu planner for the week, but now it just shares a personal message 🙂

And with many families doing holiday photos, I added a few chalkboards for props

Chalkboards are fun and versatile and Oh So SIMPLE to make.

Wishing you the very best this Thanksgiving.  I’ll be returning on Sunday with the Countdown to Christmas homemade series



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3 responses to “Chalk one up! {Repurposed Picture Frames}

  1. I love it! Yes, it’s been done before but it’s always spectacular. We used an old frame and painted a square on the walk with chalk board paint and attached the old newly painted frame directly to the wall. It gave my neice a great little ledge for her chalk.

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