Boo {Ghost Lanterns}

Hope I didn’t scare you with a post, things have been pretty desolate on this blog lately, but that is changing this week.

Fall is my FAVORITE time of year.  With the close of summer and amazingly gorgeous weather we were having we were out enjoying every last minute.  This week the frost advisories are upon us and I can gear up my craft game.  THis post kicks of a week of fall decor posts.

I came across the inspiration for this Halloween decor several years ago at a local craft store.  After a few visits to Habitat ReStore I was reminded of the opportunity for a thrifty, cute project using Glass globes from old lighting.

Supplies needed for this project: A variety of glass globes (can be found at many thrift stores for $.50 to $1.00 each), foam or paint brush, white acrylic paint OR an adhesive that dries cloudy, Black vinyl OR a Black Paint Pen.  Optional is iridescent fine white glitter.

You might notice from my first picture that not all ghosts were created equal.  The steps to achieve the ghostly lanterns are the same, it’s just a matter of what materials you use. For the solid-looking white ghosts I used pearlized white acrylic paint, for the glittery ghost (middle) I used Modge Podge and iridescent white glitter.

The first step is the most difficult.  Liberally coat the inside of the globes with paint.  If you are using the adhesive, apply glitter after the adhesive is brushed on, then let dry.  I let them dry overnight and often applied a second or third coat for adequate coverage.

Note: to make Life easier I tried to paint he outside of a globe as a test, and the paint scratches off much easier.  Maybe if you apply a finishing clear coat this would be an easier alternative to painting the inside of the globe.

Adding the ghost face can be done by cutting ovals or circles from a sheet of black vinyl using a die-cut machine, or painting on ovals and circles with a paint pen.  I tried both, and both worked just fine.  I guess it just depends on the resources you have at your disposal 🙂  Every ghost requires 2 eyes and a mouth.  I played around with ovals and circles and tend to like ALL ovals for eyes and mouth. Add the facial features as desired.

The last step is to lift the globe and place a tea light to make the ghost glow.  I found that when lit, the Glittered ghost shimmer and is a little more blingy. These are awesome lanterns for fun festive Halloween evenings.

(sorry for the image quality, I haven’t perfected my low-light photography abilities)

This is a super fun project that you can do with young kids.  I turned these Boo Lanterns into a craft day with my 3 nieces (2,5,7) and all turned out really cute.  Hope you enjoy this fun and thrifty Halloween project!


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