Cheap is the new Chic (Coupon Chief Site Review)

It’s trendy to save money, but for a cheap chic like me it’s a necessity. makes saving money simple.  Coupon Chief is filled with promotional codes to save you money on tons of online stores….literally thousands of stores.  Unlike many other sites that offer promo codes, all of the promo codes available on their website are current (I scoured for expired coupon codes with no success).   The site is extremely user-friendly, I can just type in what I’m looking for, or click on the stores tab to find all the stores that have current promotional codes available on their website.

Just a personal confession, I have a hard time passing up a good deal, so I sign up for store emails to “get a good deal.”  The only challenge is the hundreds of emails clogging my inbox with promotional codes from various stores that I rarely use.  “I might need that code” I say to myself, as I wrestle with guilt as I attempt to hit “unsubscribe” from the company email list.  Coupon Chief takes all the annoying emails (and guilt) out of your inbox and into one user-friendly site.  It’s not just nice to have Coupon Chief, it’s liberating.

My favorite feature, if you like making money as much as you like saving money, is the ability to participate in the “Pays-2-Share” program.  You simply create an account, and share your promotional codes.  If someone uses the code you submitted, you’ll make 20% of the sale.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone.  Not only am I huge fan of saving money, but the collaborative teamwork environment at Coupon Chief rates top-notch in my book!

Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself


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