Thrive’s Wall Pockets {Back to School Blog Bash-Day 8}

Today I bring you a tutorial from Choose to Thrive and these handy Wall Pockets made from cardboard. We all need a little order in our lives, some of us might need a lot of order, don’t worry I won’t point fingers!  I chose this to feature on my last day because this would make a great way to track each child’s “stuff”…schedules, homework calendar, notes, you get the drill.

Hard to believe this was made from these simple supplies

There are many steps involved, where it might just be easiest to stop by THRIVE and check out  the full tutorial for your self!  She also provided a link to download her pattern...gotta love that!

Thanks to Nike and all the guest bloggers for sharing inspiring ways to make the back to school transition a little easier on all of us.  Good Luck 🙂


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