Lunch Box Love Notes {Back to School Blog Bash-Day 7}

I love you sticks

Hi, my name is Vanessa and I write about children’s books and crafts at Silly Eagle Books. Heidi asked me to share an idea I had for some crafty lunch box love notes.

They are pretty simple, really. My daughter and I were painting some popsicle sticks one afternoon (working on a magnet project), when I got the idea that it would be fun to write some messages on the sticks with a paint pen.

I started with “I love you.” and kept going from there.

Words that I had for my children just started flowing and I got to thinking that these would be fun to stick inside her lunchbox once school started up.

At the end of the painting session, I had quite a collection.

It’s my hope that the words I wrote will make her smile not just when she opens up her lunchbox (and is away from me at school), but also on other days–maybe ones far into the future.

Since they are sturdy and long-lasting (and kind of fun and pretty), I think she’ll keep them in a box somewhere and maybe stumble upon them one day when she is cleaning her room. Hopefully, they’ll remind her just how much I love her.

To make your own popsicle stick love notes, just grab a bag of popsicle sticks (I like the mini ones, but any size will do.)

Paint them however you want. (Lighter colors are best if you plan on writing on them with black; darker colors are best if you have a white or other light-colored paint pen.)

Lastly, once the paint has dried, write your love notes with a paint pen or permanent marker.

Now you are ready to drop them into your little one’s lunch box!

If you like popsicle stick projects, we came up with another fun idea for them. Check it out here!


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