EZ wall art {Baby room}

Expecting the arrival of our first child, I wanted to create some wall art above the crib that was unique, simple and neutral as we awaiting a surprise (meaning we didn’t find out the gender). Initially I wanted the words “DREAM Big” but I couldn’t quite find the perfect layout for my idea so I just created “dream” collage.

Supplies: 6 foot piece of 1×8 lumber, acrylic paint of selected colors, large chipboard letters, 12×12 piece of patterned paper, foam brush, modge podge and a few dabs of E-6000 adhesive.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I neglected to capture the process of creating this project.

1. First my handy hubby call the 1×8 into 9 square pieces (8×8).  And sanded down the rough edges.  I followed up with several layers of brown acrylic paint.  Let dry for a couple of hours, while you are waiting move onto step 2 & 3
2. Cut your 12×12 patterned paper into 6×6 pieces (you should get 4 equal sized pieces) set aside.
3.  Paint your chipboard with your choice of color.  I used a foam brush to make sure to get all the edges and nooks. May need a second coat.
4.  On your DRY painted boards, choose 4 boards and spread a medium layer of modge podge to the front face of the board.
5.  Place 6×6 patterned paper on top of the modge podge board, add a thin layer of modge podge over the paper and hold for several seconds to adhere into place.  The paper can tend to lift and roll if you don’t old into place.  We used binder clips to the edges to help secure the paper while drying. If all else fails and pin dot of E-6000 tot eh corners and edge to keep paper secured
6.  With a light color acrylic paint, paint random brush strokes on the remaining 5 pieces of wood.  Make sure the brush strokes provide a big enough background for the chip board letters.
7.  Take the DRY chip board letters and apply a small amount of E-6000 adhesive to the back and adhere to the painted boards.
8.  The husband routed special nail holes into the wood to hand, but attaching a sawtooth hanger or stapling string/wire to the back would work too.
9. Have some assistance in hanging, the spacing and alignment can be tricky when working solo 🙂
10. Stand back, enjoy your work then proceed with nesting by frantically figuring out what else HAS TO be done before the big arrival…. Can you relate?

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  1. This is super cute – and looks great in your baby’s room!!

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