DIY Garden Path

Do you ever have left-overs after a project and not sure what to do with it?  My husband and I finished off our basement this winter.  One of the main projects was adding a gas fireplace with a stone surround.  While I LOVE the way it turned out, putting this puzzle together was not easy.  Unlike most puzzles there wasn’t a picture to follow.  You have to figure it out, and no two piece are alike…but I was able to do it (Yes I designed the layout and the husband made it happen).

So what does this have to do with a DIY Garden Path?  The boxes of these bad boys come in a variety of sizes, colors and dimensions.  While we didn’t need all 4 boxes, we needed to pull random pieces from them in order to make our masterpiece- hence we have several boxes of random, super heavy stones that might not be enough for another project,  and this style of stone has been discontinued.  Reselling them could be an option, but it might be a bit rude to the next user.  Our next best option was to use them for landscaping.

The hardest part was hauling them outside from the basement storage.  Then the husband simply cleared away the mulch, leveled the ground with flat shovel and began laying the rocks.  (My son played supervisor on this project)

We added a trailer full of mulch…Quick Thrifty tip: if you don’t want to break the bank on mulch, lumber yards chip their scraps and sell an entire trailer full of wood chips for $40 in our neck of the woods,  That trailer filled this bed, plus the bed around the entire perimeter of our house and a second raised bed by the garage.  We found the easiest way to spread the mulch was to use 5 gallon buckets.  Dump the buckets of mulch in the open areas in your beds and then go back later and spread the mulch out.  We even put buckets over the top of the stone path then took a broom and swept to sides.  This allows some mulch to get into the cracks making the stones a bit more stable…. I digress.  Here’s how she turned out.

I thought that was impressive.  Then I came home 3 days later from work and my husband surprised me by making the Arbor I’d been begging for since the one he made for our wedding was destroyed in a storm. Apparently this one is more durable. Shows how those little details can really polish off a project.  (I should note the wooden wheelbarrow in the background holding the pots of flowers he made for our wedding too).

You can see from the middle picture above that the spacing of path slowly spreads to reach the chairs.  Overall I’m happy with it.  It keeps the weeds down, add a touch of garden elegance, used up 2 huge boxes of Rock and just cost us a little time, sweat, and creativity.

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2 responses to “DIY Garden Path

  1. I love that you used what was leftover and did waste it! What a creative idea! I have a large pine tree too and I never thought to make a cute garden under it. LOVE it!

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